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Virtual Event Code of Conduct

Virtual Events Code of Conduct for Attendees, Authors, and Moderators 

  1. Mysterious Galaxy has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior. This includes but is not limited to targeted harassment, bullying, and aggressive sexual or violent language. Please take care when responding to others. If an event attendee posts offensive content, they will be removed from the event immediately by Mysterious Galaxy. Two Mysterious Galaxy employees will be watching chat areas closely throughout the entire event.
  2. Respect Diversity. Be sensitive to the ethnically rich and diverse, multi-cultural community in which we are participating, and show respect to authors and fellow attendees at all times. Please avoid any language that is—or that could be construed as—offensive toward others. Racist, sexist, and heterosexist comments are unacceptable, as are derogatory and/or sarcastic comments and jokes directed at religious beliefs, disabilities, weight, and age. 
  3. No Spamming. Any posts sharing false or misleading links will be removed and posters will be removed from the event. These links include but are not limited to potentially harmful websites that could include IP grabbers, viruses or other harmful malware. 
  4. Please do not post competing links for purchasing books (ie. do not share links to amazon or other bookstores).

Violators of Mysterious Galaxy's Code of Conduct will be banned from the event and future events held by Mysterious Galaxy. Participants removed as a result of their behavior from a ticketed event will not receive any refund.

What Mysterious Galaxy does to provide a safe enviornment for authors, moderators, and attendees during an event:

  1. For events of five authors or fewer Mysterious Galaxy hosts its events on Crowdcast. Crowdcast does not allow access to video or audio to attendees. Only people invited on screen by Mysterious Galaxy will have access to audio and video.
  2. For events of six authors or more Mysterious Galaxy hosts its events by streaming a private Zoom meeting onto its Facebook page. Because of this, attendees have no access to video or audio. 
  3. Two or more Mysterious Galaxy employees always work each event and one of our staff is moderating the chat and questions the entire event. 
  4. If an attendee needs to be removed for any of the reasons mentioned in 'Virtual Events Code of Conduct for Attendees, Authors, and Moderators' Mysterious Galaxy has the immediate capibility to ban them from the event and delete their comments.