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Receive a hardcover science fiction or fantasy novel each month that has been hand selected by one of our booksellers at a 20% discount + $3.00 shipping fee.

September's Pick!

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

January Scaller's childhood is filled with treasures from far-off places, sent back by an absent father to the sprawling estate of his employer. She is little more than another keepsake herself, but spends her time trying to fashion herself into a well-bred young lady, who minds her manners and doesn't make too much noise. But when a mysterious book falls into her hands, she is confronted by the fact that the world she thought she knew is altogether too magical to be explained, or to pass through quietly and well-behaved. She discovers the ten thousand doors - portals to other worlds, where things and people leak through like light, spreading stories and sharing magic - and that she might be the key to them all. This book is its own sort of portal, romantic and tender, with a heroine whose discovery of herself and her history is as inspiring as the journey she embarks on. Brilliant and evocative of every time you've ever looked out the window and wished you could step through the panes to another world, filled with undiscovered mysteries, The Ten Thousand Doors of January is a debut you won't want to miss, so pick it up and let it sweep you away!  - Kylie


2019 Science Fiction & Fantasy Picks (beginning w/ January)

2018 Science Fiction & Fantasy Picks