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Hello sweet world! I am Steve and this is my book review page. You will enjoy.

Fiend Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780770436315
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Published: Crown Publishing Group (NY) - July 9th, 2013

We’ve all come down from a meth-induced bender at the start of the zombie apocalypse. Fiend tells the tale of a young man’s struggle with the gnawing affection of the undead and his own addiction. Follow Chase as he gets to know his charming neighbors, such as a little girl and her dog (she’s eating the dog); a web-entrepreneur (who may or may not have turned during her adults only web-cam show); or worst of all his good friend Typewriter (who is holding out on him, man!). Zombie lovers could get addicted to something this good. -Steve.

Crown Publishing Group, $22.00.

Ack-Ack Macaque Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781781080603
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Published: Solaris - December 26th, 2012

For the person who loves monkeys that curse, swear, and blow $*it up: Ack-Ack Macaque is half futuristic utopian murder mystery and half action-packed monkey business. Super fun. This book is bananas. Mass Market Paperback. Solaris. $8.99 -Steve

The Fifty Year Sword Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307907721
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Published: Pantheon Books - October 16th, 2012

You’re not reading a book. You’re experiencing a story by Mark Danielewski (author of House of Leaves). Told in the voices of 5 orphans on the eve of Belinda Kite’s 50th birthday, we find that bad things can happen to bad people. This book makes a great gift. Signed first editions available while supplies last. Hardcover. Pantheon Books. $26.00

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307346612
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Published: Broadway Books - October 16th, 2007

This is the definitive zombie epic, told in a documentary style. Max Brooks takes us on a ride as we explore the lives of nations, cities, and individuals dealing with the zombie infestation. This is the best zombie book I have ever read. Read it before the movie comes out this summer.  Paperback. Three Rivers Press $14.95- Steve

Slaughterhouse-Five: Or the Children's Crusade, a Duty-Dance with Death (Modern Library 100 Best Novels) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385333849
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Published: Dial Press - January 11th, 1999

This is not a new book by any new means. World War II is not a new subject, but Kurt Vonnegut’s themes and characters still shine through in this literary classic. It is filled with war, aliens, time travel, and life in general. So it goes. Paperback. Delta $15.00 -SG

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House of Leaves Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375703768
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Pantheon Books - March 7th, 2000

This book was recommended to me over and over again, and is a a favorite of the Mysterious Galaxy staff. Who is Zampano? Why was he obsessed with the Navidson Record; a movie that no one had ever seen, yet is written about and analyzed so closely? How could he see the movie if he was blind? Johnny Truant has these questions, and he helps the reader along through the story. If you’re curious about this book, flip through a few pages and see just how intricate a web this story weaves, spoiler free. Full Color Illustrated Paperback. Pantheon Books $21.00-Steve

Day by Day Armageddon Cover Image
ISBN: 9781439176672
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Published: Gallery/Permuted Press - September 29th, 2009

J L Bourne tells the story of a naval officer stuck in the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse. As he takes his account of the daily trappings of surviving the attacks of zombies, you find yourself drawn into his viewpoint and it is terrifying. Surprisingly, zombies may be the least of a survivor’s worries by the conclusion of this zombie thriller. Paperback. Pocket Books $15.00  -Steve

Beyond Exile: Day by Day Armageddon Cover Image
ISBN: 9781439177525
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Gallery/Permuted Press - July 13th, 2010

In book two of the Day by Day Armageddon series, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse begin to search for order in a world without any. When the narrator learns that he is that last commissioned officer alive in the continental US, he takes the task of saving lives and his own humanity.  This leads into the third book of the trilogy, Day by Day Armageddon: Shattered Hourglass. Paperback. Gallery Books $15.00-Steve