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Local Authors

Mysterious Galaxy is now located at 3555 Rosecrans St.

Mysterious Galaxy is proud to feature multiple local author events throughout the year. We'd love to have you!

Will Mysterious Galaxy carry my book? 

Mysterious Galaxy stocks local authors' books when they participate in one of Local Author Meet & Greet events.

What is the Local Author Meet & Greet? 

Twice a year, Mysterious Galaxy hosts a local author event, where we invite 12-16 local self-published authors or authors published by independent presses to come in on a Saturday or Sunday from noon to 3pm. Here’s how that event works: Authors bring in 10 copies of their book two weeks before the event on a reduced consignment rate and we make a display in store of these books and the “Local Author Meet & Greet” event. We always promote the event on our social media and website. We ask that authors do the same and that they invite friends, family, and fans. (If every author ensures to bring even just 3-5 people we will have a full house!) The day of the event, authors will get to give a 2 to 3-minute presentation to sell their book. After the event, authors take home any unsold books and Mysterious Galaxy sends the authors a check for what sold (checks are sent approximately 2-3 weeks after the event). The split is 60% author and 40% store.

How do I sign up to be on the invitation list for the next Local Author Meet & Greet? 

Fill out the form here to register your interest.