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Fantastic Firsts Young Adult

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July's Pick!

The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson

"The Storm Crow’s prologue captured me and once hooked I couldn’t put this book down. The magic system Kalyn’s created is a unique treat and the relationship she crafts between the crows, humans, and kingdom’s infrastructure is fascinating. I wish I could walk through the streets of Rhodaire and feel the wind from the beating of black wings whip through my hair.  She shows the affects of war on a large scale as well as a personal one and her treatment of a character with depression was something I truly appreciated. The strong female friendships were another great element and I loved how they showed that even though we can feel alone and lost a good friend is always there to help you get up day after day and learn how to fight again. From destroyed kingdoms to infiltrating enemy lines this is an adventure that will leave you wanting to soar through the sky with the sun dancing across your skin and a battle cry on your lips." - Constance

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