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Fantastic Firsts Young Adult

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May's Pick!

Nocturna by Maya Motayne

"This book spoke to me from the moment I picked it up.  From the cover, to the beautiful world, and the characters full of spark and life, everything whispered to me, enticing me to dive in. What drew me in most was the fact that Maya Motayne wanted to create a world that she thought had been MIA when she was younger and looking for books to read. Set in a Latin-inspired land, a prince without a future and a thief without a face must team up to get something they both desire above all else. But to get what they want; they are going to have to defeat a powerful evil that wants to devour the world. Motayne was able to capture the spirit of both a character who had no roots, and one who was true to their homeland, and their people. Motayne beautifully blends language, culture, and magic in her debut novel. I cannot wait for the next book in this trilogy." -Victoria 

2019 Young Adult Picks (Beginning w/ January)


2018 Young Adult Picks