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Sisters in Crime San Diego Meeting Featuring Jane Haseldine

Event date: 
Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 3:30pm

Jane Haseldine


Partners in Crime, the San Diego chapter of the national organization Sisters in Crime, welcomes mystery writer Jane Haseldine as speaker at their May meeting. Haseldine, a former journalist and crime reporter, is the author of three mysteries featuring crime reporter Julia Gooden. She will talk about how she draws on her own experiences working the crime beat for newspapers across the country to craft the Julia Gooden series. Her latest novel is Worth Killing For.

The reader this month will be a new Partners in Crime member, John Neill, who writes under the name Pat Muir. He will read from his mystery, What Happened to Flynn?

Sisters in Crime is a national organization with local chapters which supports mystery and crime writers and promotes reading the genre. We are authors, readers, publishers, agents, booksellers and librarians bound by our affection for the mystery genre and our support of women who write mysteries. We are open for everyone's participation.

            Each meeting will feature a short reading from a recently published or soon-to-be-published novel followed by a presentation by a mystery or crime writer or knowledgeable professional in a field of interest to mystery writers and readers.

            San Diego chapter meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of the month, starting with a social period with refreshments, followed by a brief membership meeting.

            Attendance is free for members. Dues are $25 per year, plus membership in the national organization. Members may join at our meeting, with payment by check, cash or credit card, or online.

Worth Killing For (A Julia Gooden Mystery #3) Cover Image
Currently unavailable, email or call for more information.
ISBN: 9781496710963
Published: Kensington - March 27th, 2018


etroit newspaper reporter Julia Gooden returns in a twisting, superbly assured new mystery, where a brutal murder and a father's sudden return may provide the answers she's spent decades searching for . . . or lead deep into a fatal trap.


The past never really leaves us. Crime reporter Julia Gooden sees proof of this every day in her stories. A dark childhood, a negligent parent, early abandonment--any one of them can seal a person's fate as either a villain or victim. Julia, who experienced all three, seems to have beaten the odds, finding happiness raising her two sons and a blossoming relationship with detective Raymond Navarro.


But now, after three decades of absence, Julia's conman father has resurfaced to throw her life into turmoil again. Julia was only seven when Duke Gooden abruptly left. Barely a month later, her nine-year-old brother, Ben, disappeared. Ben was her hero and protector, and though the case is cold, Julia has never given up hope of finding him. Duke's return offers vital clues--but it also makes her a target of those who intend to see Duke punished for his many sins.


When Julia investigates the death of a city councilman's young nephew, she finds links to a string of other murders . . . and to a web of greed and kidnapping that stretches back decades. At long last, Julia may be able to discover what happened to Ben all those years ago, but only if she's willing to risk everything in her present . . .

Duplicity (A Julia Gooden Mystery #2) Cover Image
Currently unavailable, email or call for more information.
ISBN: 9780786038794
Published: Pinnacle - December 26th, 2017


"Haseldine uses her experience as a crime reporter to bring authenticity to this exciting and gritty tale." --Kirkus Reviews 

Julia Gooden juggles different lives. A successful crime reporter, she covers Detroit's grittiest stories while raising her two young boys in the suburbs. But beneath that accomplished facade is another Julia, still consumed by a tragedy that unfolded thirty years ago when her nine-year-old brother disappeared without a trace.


"Julia is ferociously bold and persistent in this action-packed, plot-driven mystery." --Booklist 

Julia's marriage is also a balancing act, as she tries to rekindle her relationship with her husband, Assistant District Attorney David Tanner. He is about to bring the city's most devious criminal, Nick Rossi, to trial for drug trafficking, illegal gambling, and bribery. But when a courthouse bomb claims several victims--including the prosecution's key witness--David is critically injured.


"Haseldine has a gift for atmosphere, setting, and suspense, and the many twists and turns will keep readers guessing." --Library Journal 

Though Julia is certain Rossi orchestrated the attack, the case against him is collapsing, and his power runs high and wide. Her only choice is to follow a trail of blackmail, payback, and political ambition. Julia has risked her career before, but this time innocent lives--including her children's--hang in the balance, and justice may come too late . . .

The Last Time She Saw Him (A Julia Gooden Mystery #1) Cover Image
Currently unavailable, email or call for more information.
ISBN: 9780786038770
Published: Pinnacle - February 28th, 2017

In Jane Haseldine's gripping and brilliantly crafted debut, a reporter searching for her kidnapped son must untangle the connection to her brother's long-ago disappearance. 
Julia Gooden remembers nothing about the worst night of her life. Thirty years ago, her nine-year-old brother Ben--the person who promised he would always protect her--was abducted from the room they shared. Try as she might to recall any clue or detail, there is a black hole where Julia's memories of that terrible event should be. 
Now a crime reporter at a Detroit newspaper, Julia tries to give others the closure she's never found. But guilt and grief over Ben's disappearance have left her fearful that whoever took her brother is going to come back. Nowhere seems safe--not the city, not the suburbs, not even the secluded lake town where she plans to raise her children. And then, on the anniversary of Ben's disappearance, Julia's worst fears are realized when her two-year-old son, Will, is snatched from his bed. 
Convinced that the crimes are related, Julia tries to piece together memories from her final day with Ben. Are the sudden reminders of her brother clues that will lead her to her son's abductor, or merely coincidence? Julia knows she has hours at best to find Will alive, but the deeper she digs, the more personal and terrifying the battle becomes, and an undying promise may be her only hope of saving herself and her son. 

What Happened To Flynn Cover Image
ISBN: 9780967606026
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
(This book cannot be returned.)
Published: PMBook - November 14th, 2017

Shanisha Notfarg, known as Shane, a detective in the San Diego County Sheriff's office, is assigned the case of missing man Arthur Flynn in late 2008. It takes her seven years to discover what happened to Flynn, during which time she encounters thieves, forgers, money launderers and assassins. The discovery will surprise you.