Rob Reid Launch Party for YEAR ZERO in Redondo Beach

What happens when an entrepreneur who basically changed the music industry as we know it combines that experience with an irreverent sense of humor and gift for story telling? Year Zero, that’s what. Rob Reid, founder of, the company that created, brings readers a riproaring ride through outer-space and pop culture as aliens try to license the music they’ve been pirating from earth. (See Patrick’s review.) 

Year Zero will be available for pre-sale purchase at 10:00 AM on July 9. The first 20 purchasers will also receive an audio book of Year Zero, read by John Hodgman.  Other MGRB purchasers of Year Zero may qualify for a limited edition USB drive with Year Zero goodies loaded on it. Supplies are limited. This is a numbered event. Please ask the staff for details.  

This is a numbered event. Numbers for the signing line are available with purchase of Year Zero from Mysterious Galaxy, on sale beginning July 9, 2012.

If you are planning to attend the event, please do not place your order through the web site as all such orders are handled after the event. Instead, please call the store and purchase the book over the phone on or after the on-sale date.


Event date: 
Monday, July 9, 2012 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Event address: 
2810 Artesia Blvd.
90278 Redondo Beach
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Year Zero Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780345534415
Availability: Special Order
Published: Del Rey - July 10th, 2012

An alien advance party was suddenly nosing around my planet.
Worse, they were lawyering up. . . .

In the hilarious tradition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Rob Reid takes you on a headlong journey through the outer reaches of the universe—and the inner workings of our absurdly dysfunctional music industry.

Low-level entertainment lawyer Nick Carter thinks it’s a prank, not an alien encounter, when a redheaded mullah and a curvaceous nun show up at his office. But Frampton and Carly are highly advanced (if bumbling) extraterrestrials. And boy, do they have news.

The entire cosmos, they tell him, has been hopelessly hooked on humanity’s music ever since “Year Zero” (1977 to us), when American pop songs first reached alien ears. This addiction has driven a vast intergalactic society to commit the biggest copyright violation since the Big Bang. The resulting fines and penalties have bankrupted the whole universe. We humans suddenly own everything—and the aliens are not amused.

Nick Carter has just been tapped to clean up this mess before things get ugly, and he’s an unlikely galaxy-hopping hero: He’s scared of heights. He’s also about to be fired. And he happens to have the same name as a Backstreet Boy. But he does know a thing or two about copyright law. And he’s packing a couple of other pencil-pushing superpowers that could come in handy.

Soon he’s on the run from a sinister parrot and a highly combustible vacuum cleaner. With Carly and Frampton as his guides, Nick now has forty-eight hours to save humanity, while hopefully wowing the hot girl who lives down the hall from him.