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Rhys Bowen signs in San Diego

Event date: 
Friday, March 18, 2016 - 7:30pm

Mystery lovers take heed: Rhys Bowen is coming! The New York Times-bestselling author of more than 30 books is the creator most recently of the Royal Spyness and Molly Murphy Mystery series, featuring mystery heroines set in the historical settings of Depression-era England and turn of the century America. According to Bowen, the idea for spunky, occasionally unwise Irish immigrant Molly Murphy came to her on a chance visit to Ellis Island. The debut novel in the series, Murphy’s Law, later won her the Agatha Award for Best Novel. In Time of Fog and Fire, Molly and her police captain husband Daniel are back. The new police commissioner wants him off the force, so when Daniel is offered an assignment from the head of the Secret Service he eagerly accepts. But when Molly learns he is across the country in San Francisco from a cryptic letter, she fears he may be in more danger than first believed. 

Time of Fog and Fire: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries #16) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781250052049
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Minotaur Books - March 1st, 2016

 Molly Murphy Sullivan's husband Daniel, a police captain in turn-of-the-century New York City, is in a precarious position. The new police commissioner wants him off the force altogether. So when Daniel s offered an assignment from John Wilkie, head of the secret service, he s eager to accept. Molly can t draw any details of the assignment out of him, even where he ll be working. But when she spots him in San Francisco during a movie news segment, she starts to wonder if he s in even more danger than she had first believed. And then she receives a strange and cryptic letter from him, leading her to conclude that he wants her to join him in San Francisco. Molly knows that if Daniel s turning to her rather than John Wilkie or his contacts in the police force, something must have gone terribly wrong. What can she do for him that the police can t? Especially when she doesn t even know what his assignment is? Embarking on a cross-country journey with her young son, Molly can t fathom what s in store for her, but she knows it might be dangerous in fact, it might put all of their lives at risk.

Malice at the Palace Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780425260388
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Berkley Books - August 4th, 2015

Lady Georgiana Rannoch won't deny that being thirty-fifth in line for the British throne has its advantages. Unfortunately, money isn't one of them. And sometimes making ends meet requires her to investigate a little royal wrongdoing, in this case acting as a companion to Prince George's fiancaee at the supposedly haunted Kensington Palace and dispelling any rumors about his libertine history.

The Edge of Dreams: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries #14) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250052056
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Minotaur Books - February 23rd, 2016

Molly Murphy Sullivan's husband Daniel, a captain in the New York City police force, is stumped. He's chasing a murderer whose victims have nothing in common nothing except for the taunting notes that are delivered to Daniel after each murder. And when Daniel receives a note immediately after Molly and her young son Liam are in a terrible train crash, Daniel and Molly both begin to fear that maybe Molly herself was the target.

Molly's detective instincts are humming, but finding the time to dig deeper into this case is a challenge. She's healing from injuries sustained in the crash and also sidetracked by her friends Sid and Gus's most recent hobby, dream analysis. And when Molly herself starts suffering from strange dreams, she wonders if they just might hold the key to solving Daniel's murder case.

Rhys Bowen's characteristic blend of atmospheric turn-of-the-century history, clever plotting, and sparkling characters will delight readers in "The Edge of Dreams," the latest in her bestselling Molly Murphy series.