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Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 7:00pm

Spellman fans, fear not. According to Lisa Lutz’s web site, “while word has been spreading that The Spellmans Strike Again is the final installment of the Spellman series, America’s favorite dysfunctional P.I. family will likely be back after a brief rest.” Meanwhile, she has been hard at work on two new writing ventures, both of which are different from anything she’s done before. Lisa strikes again at MG on Thursday, March 18, at 7:00 PM. In their fourth outing, Izzy and her assorted family members are engaged in their more than fair share of family drama, and multiple cases, some of which are even for paying clients. And Izzy has just been put in charge of the family agency, lucky girl! (See Terry’s review below.)

The Spellmans Strike Again Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781416593409
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Published: Simon & Schuster - March 16th, 2010

One of my favorite things about my winter vacation is that I get to
read the latest installment by Lisa Lutz about a family of PIs that is
so dysfunctional (and hilarious) that it will make any family you know
of, including your own, look tame by comparison. I look forward to
reading every zany word in a world that has its own set of rules and
expectations. And the Spellmans are striking everywhere in this
not-to-be-missed fourth installment. Izzy is spying on her brother and
her sister, because she is being blackmailed into doing so by her
mother in the first case and because her sister always acts
suspiciously in the second. Her parents’ most recent activity is Lost
Wednesdays and none of their children want to know what really goes on
during these Wednesdays when they are banned from their home (and
Izzy’s office). Izzy is having issues with Ex-boyfriend #12 (so named
even before she breaks up with him). Her friend Morty is still trying
to convince his wife to let him come back to San Francisco and gives
Izzy every sordid detail of his life in exile during their weekly phone
calls. And meanwhile, she is really trying to become a functioning
adult (finally) and a responsible caretaker of the family business. I
can't do justice to all of the shenanigans; you will just have to pick
up a copy as soon as it arrives: on our shelves in March with a visit
from Lisa too!

And the worst thing about my winter vacation is when I
get to the last page of the book ...and know I have to wait an entire
year, not just for vacation, but also to spend more time with the
Spellman family.
-- tlg

Revenge of the Spellmans: Document #3 Cover Image
ISBN: 9781416593393
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Published: Simon & Schuster - February 23rd, 2010

Curse of the Spellmans: Document #2 (Izzy Spellman Mysteries) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781416532422
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Simon & Schuster - February 10th, 2009

The Spellman Files Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781416594178
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Published: Pocket Books - January 27th, 2009