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Jason M. Hough signs in San Diego

Event date: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 7:30pm

The phrase “Launch Party” is particularly apt for our event with Jason Hough for the first book in his new Dire Earth duology, Injection Burn. Picking up where The Plague Forge left off, this two-book series follows Skyler Luiken and his crew on their mission to free a besieged world from an alien oppressor. Jason’s new Mass Effect: Andromeda novel, Nexus Uprising, pits security director Sloane Kelly against a threat that could capsize the Andromeda Initiative.

This is a ticketed event. Tickets to the signing line are given only with the purchase of Injection Burn from Mysterious Galaxy. You may purchase your book online, in-store, or over the phone. Tickets are numbered, indicating your place in the signing line, and are sold on a first-come basis. All ticket / book reservations must be paid in full, whether in-person, via telephone or email, or on-line. Please note books ordered on-line without payment using the 'pay in store' option will not be issued a ticket or guaranteed a book until actual payment is made.

If you are purchasing a ticket to the signing line online, please note your intent to attend in the comments section at checkout. The release date of Injection Burn will be May 30 2017. You'll be able to pick up your copy from Mysterious Galaxy on May 30th at 10:00 AM.

The event itself is free and open to the public. Seating is first-come first-served 30-40 minutes before the start of the event. For more details and answers to your questions, please see our FAQ on Events, or contact a Mysterious Galaxy bookseller at 858-268-4747.



Injection Burn: A Dire Earth Novel (The Dire Earth Cycle #4) By Jason M. Hough Cover Image
ISBN: 9780553391312
Availability: Backordered
Published: Del Rey - May 30th, 2017

Skyler Luiken and his ragtag crew of scavengers, scientists, and brawlers have a new mission: a long journey to a distant planet where a race of benevolent aliens are held captive behind a cloud of destructive ships known as the Swarm Blockade. No human ships have ever made it past this impenetrable wall, and Skyler knows not what to anticipate when they reach their destination. 
Safe to say that the last thing he expects to find there is a second human ship led by the tough-as-nails captain, Gloria Tsandi. These two crews--and their respective captains--initially clash, but they will have to learn to work together when their mutual foe closes in around them and begins the outright destruction of their vessels--along with any hope of a return to Earth.

Mass Effect - Andromeda: Nexus Uprising By Jason M. Hough, K C. Alexander Cover Image
ISBN: 9781785651564
Availability: Backordered
Published: Titan Books - March 21st, 2017

Titan Books will work closely with acclaimed video game developer BioWare to publish three brand new novels set in the universe of MASS EFFECT(TM): ANDROMEDA. The action will weave directly into the new game, chronicling storylines developed in close collaboration with the BioWare game team. The action takes place concurrently with the adventure of the game itself, setting up the story and events of the game adding depth and detail to the canonical MASS EFFECT saga.

Zero World: A Novel By Jason M. Hough Cover Image
Currently unavailable, email or call for more information.
ISBN: 9780553391282
Published: Del Rey - May 31st, 2016

Published in rapid succession, Jason M. Hough s first three novels, The Darwin Elevator, The Exodus Towers, and The Plague Forge, earned mountains of praise and comparisons to such authors as James S. A. Corey and John Scalzi. Now Hough returns with a riveting near-future spy thriller that combines the adrenaline of a high-octane James Bond adventure with mind-blowing sci-fi speculations worthy of Christopher Nolan s Inception
 Technologically enhanced superspy Peter Caswell has been dispatched on a top-secret assignment unlike any he s ever faced. A spaceship that vanished years ago has been found, along with the bodies of its murdered crew save one. Peter s mission is to find the missing crew member, who fled through what appears to be a tear in the fabric of space. Beyond this mysterious doorway lies an even more confounding reality: a world that seems to be Earth s twin. 
 Peter discovers that this mirrored world is indeed different from his home, and far more dangerous. Cut off from all support, and with only days to complete his operation, Peter must track his quarry alone on an alien world. But he s unprepared for what awaits on the planet s surface, where his skills will be put to the ultimate test and everything he knows about the universe will be challenged in ways he never could have imagined.