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Jan Burke signs DISTURBANCE

Edgar-Award winner Jan Burke returns to MG on Sunday, June 26, at 2:00 PM, with a new novel featuring Irene Kelly, Disturbance. Nick Parrish, Irene’s tormentor in Bones, makes an unanticipated recovery from his spinal cord injury, and escapes – clearly with assistance – leaving Irene and those close to her sure it’s only a matter of time before he attempts revenge. (See Maryelizabeth’s review below.) Jan will also discuss her previous novel, the paranormal suspense work The Messenger, and her passion for the Crime Lab Project and the problems and challenges facing public forensic science.

Disturbance: An Irene Kelly Novel Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781439152843
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Simon & Schuster - June 21st, 2011




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A number of disturbing
factors are at work in reporter Irene Kelly’s life in the indirect sequel to
the award-winning Bones. The Las Piernas News Express, her
journalistic home, is discontinuing publication. Serial killer Nick Parrish,
who nearly cost Irene her life, regains mobility after the injuries he
sustained in their confrontation – and then escapes, much to Irene and husband
Frank and his fellow police officers’ consternation, and to the delight of his
on-line fan club, the “Moths.” And new murder victims are turning up,
apparently connected to Parrish … and Irene. Can Irene remain ever vigilant? Or
will fear cripple her?

-- MeH

The Messenger: A Novel Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780743273886
Availability: Special Order
Published: Pocket Books - February 22nd, 2011

Who is Tyler Hawthorne?Beneath the Caribbean Sea, a salvage diver hears an eerie voice calling to him from the wreckage of a nineteenth-century ship. In return for promised riches, the diver becomes the servant of Adrian deVille, Lord Varre, the creature who has called to him. It's a bargain the diver will come to regret. Varre enlists him in a hunt for a man named Tyler Hawthorne.Ten years later, in a canyon in the foothills above Los Angeles, Amanda Clarke has become curious about her new neighbor, Tyler Hawthorne. He's not home much, but others tell her that her new neighbor is about her age -- twenty-four. He's also wealthy, handsome, and single.Amanda soon suspects that another description can be added to the list of Tyler's attributes: con artist. When Tyler shows up at the hospice room of her friend Ron and tells the dying man he'll live, Amanda angrily resents Tyler for giving Ron false hope.Until Ron begins to recover.Although Tyler continues to puzzle her, Amanda finds herself drawn to him.Tyler finds himself drawn to Amanda as well, but he has a secret he must keep from her: he's been twenty-four for almost two hundred years.Two centuries ago, he bargained for his life. In exchange, he became a Messenger, one who hears the final thoughts of the dying and conveys those last messages to their loved ones. Since that time, his life has been nomadic and -- except for the companionship of a remarkable black dog -- solitary.The dying also convey messages to Tyler and now they are hinting that his long service may be coming to an end. He begins to hope that he can return to a normal, mortal life and allows himself to grow closer to Amanda, unaware that he is being pursued by an old enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy him and that he can only leave his role as the Messenger behind at a dreadful cost.

Bones: An Irene Kelly Mystery Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781416596080
Availability: Special Order
Published: Pocket Star - May 26th, 2009

Years after Julia Sayre vanishes, one of death row's notorious criminals plea bargains for a life sentence by leading intrepid reporter Irene Kelly and officials to the Sierra Nevadas, where they will discover what had really happened to Julia. An Edgar Award winner for Best Novel.

Kidnapped: An Irene Kelly Novel Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780743273862
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Pocket Books - September 25th, 2007

Reporter Irene Kelly and her husband, Detective Frank Harriman, are back in this "New York Times" bestseller, in which they work to untangle the threads of a past crime and a haunting disappearance while trying to survive the present.

Bloodlines (Irene Kelly Mysteries) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780743444552
Availability: Special Order
Published: Pocket Star - September 1st, 2006

Intrepid reporter Irene Kelly covers the groundbreaking of a shopping center--and the discovery of a buried car containing human remains. Old cases are resurrected, and new dangers arise as she pursues a story that may end her career--and her life.

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