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Executive producer of TV shows such as The X-Files and 24, and co- creator of the Showtime original series Homeland, Howard Gordon brings readers a suspense packed thrill ride with his latest novel Hard Target. The sequel to Gideon's War, Gordon brings back rogue brothers Gideon and Tillman Davis as they attempt to stop a powerful conspiracy that may topple the entire US government. Along with his writing credits, Gordon, a Princeton University graduate, is also an active member of the Pacific Counsel on International Relations.  With Brett Battles and Kris Neri.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
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ISBN: 9781439175828
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Touchstone Books - January 3rd, 2012

From the executive producer of 24 and co-creator of Homeland, the exciting follow-up to Gideon’s War involves a harrowing attempt to stop a homegrown terrorist plot to destroy the U.S. government.

Davis has settled into the quiet life of an academic and is weeks away
from being married when he discovers evidence of an impending terrorist
attack on U.S. soil. He brings his suspicions to his ex-girlfriend, FBI
Agent Nancy Clement, but her bosses are leery of Gideon’s source: a
meth-head informant affiliated with a white supremacist group. Both
Gideon and Nancy become increasingly convinced that a serious plot
exists, but their informant is murdered before they can get more details
from him. So Gideon enlists his brother, Tillman—newly sprung from
prison through a presidential pardon— as an undercover operative to
infiltrate a group of white supremacists who may be involved.

Gideon and Tillman get on the trail of the real conspirators and
uncover their audacious plan to eliminate the entire top tier of the
U.S. government during a high-value, mass-casualty attack. With only
Nancy’s support, Gideon and Tillman go rogue to stop the powerful titan
behind the conspiracy before the entire government is toppled.

With nonstop action and ticking time-bomb suspense, Hard Target will keep readers turning pages and their hearts pumping fast.

Gideon's War Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781439175972
Availability: Special Order
Published: Pocket Books - September 27th, 2011

Howard Gordon—the longtime executive producer of the hit TV series 24—makes his fiction debut with a tale of political intrigue and international terrorism. Gideon Davis has just 48 hours to bring his rogue agent brother in—before a twisted global conspiracy turns deadly.

GIDEON DAVIS, whose behind-the-scenes negotiating skills have earned him the role of peacemaker in conflicts around the globe, knows more about hush-hush discussions in Capitol corridors than he does about hand-to-hand combat. But his more practical, tactical skills come into play when he’s called on by family friend and government bigwig Earl Parker to chaperone a rogue agent from Southeast Asia to D.C. The agent, Tillman Davis, has promised to turn himself in— but only to his brother, Gideon.

Although the two brothers have been estranged for years, Gideon cannot fathom how his brother could have turned into so ruthless a man. But when the plan for Tillman’s surrender goes awry and Earl Parker is taken hostage, Gideon is forced to embrace his dark side in order to evade hostile locals in war-torn Mohan to make his way to the Obelisk—the multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art oil rig that has been seized by terrorists led by Tillman himself. It is with the help of oil rig manager Kate Murphy that Gideon launches an unlikely one-man rescue.