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GothicScapes Launches in San Diego


GothicScapes is a three-girl band of urban fantasy authors: Chris Marie Green, Nancy Holder, and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. All three authors will attend our event, to discuss their venture into self-publishing anthologies of their own work.

Undead for a Day is the first in a new series of urban fantasy novella anthologies by Chris Marie Green, Nancy Holder and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. Their goal is to publish three a year. This first collection focuses on Samhain / All Hallow’s Eve, and includes a Dawn Madison Vampire Babylon story, “Raising the Dead,” by Chris; “Into the Fire: A Story of the Favored” by Nancy; and Linda’s Notre Dame Cathedral story, “Trapped in Stone.” Our launch party will include early Hallowe’en treats, and no tricks!

Undead For a Day: Urban Fantasy (x3) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780615708782
Availability: Special Order
Published: GothicScapes - October 5th, 2012

An anthology of spirited urban fantasy tales from three award-winning paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors.

Samhain. All Hallow’s Eve. A night when zombie-like revenants can
be raised by a magic-using, ancient family to exact revenge on the
hunter who wrecked their underground kingdom... A time when a redheaded
blackbelt pits herself against warmongering witch clans... A holiday
that allows the Underworld to open and the creatures to pour out, their
freedom governed by a gentleman's agreement between the forces of Light
and Dark.

Deep in the Woods (Vampire Babylon #6) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780441020522
Availability: Special Order
Published: Ace - June 28th, 2011

About the Author

Chris Marie Green, former school teacher turned full-time writer, gets out of the office by taking long trips to places such as Japan, Italy, and New Orleans. When she’s not causing international incidents, she enjoys yoga, reading just about everything, plus movie-going. Chris Marie Green also writes as Christine Cody (Bloodlands series) and Crystal Green.

Vanquished (Crusade) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781416998068
Availability: Special Order
Published: Simon Pulse - August 28th, 2012

About the Author

Nancy Holder has published more than seventy-eight books and more than two hundred short stories. She has received five Bram Stoker awards for her supernatural fiction and is the coauthor of the New York Times bestselling Wicked series. She lives in San Diego with her daughter, Belle; their two cats; and their two Corgis.

Guardian of the Night Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780373885855
Availability: Special Order
Published: Harlequin - May 1st, 2012

About the Author

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is a native of California, where she lives with her family on a big stretch of land and teaches at a major California University.  Writing on every slip of paper and napkin since she was a kid, Linda says her efforts to get published have been "magical." She swears she has a resident Muse who sings 24/7, and also that her middle name is "Paranormal," since she's unable to write anything else.

In Blood We Trust (A Novel of the Bloodlands #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780441020874
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Ace - September 27th, 2011

Event address: 
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Ste 302
92111-1040 San Diego