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David Putnam and Earl Javorsky sign in San Diego

Two Writers: Opposite Sides of the Law

Dave Putnam was a law enforcement professional in Southern California—35 years on the job, undercover, narcotics, SWAT, you name it—and is now the author of six acclaimed crime novels, the latest of which is The Innocents. Earl Javorsky, also an author (Down to No Good is his latest), spent twenty years in the drug business, got arrested twice, lived well (sometimes), and finally crawled into a recovery meeting. For twenty years, Dave represented the enemy. For the past twenty, they have been friends—Earl even stole Dave’s name and persona for two of his books.

Dave (the author, not the fictional character) and Earl will talk about their early aspirations as writers, swap background stories, riff on how they transformed real experiences into fiction, and engage in a lively and entertaining Q&A with readers.


The Innocents (A Bruno Johnson Thriller #5) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781608092949
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Oceanview Publishing - February 6th, 2018

This book is perfect for readers who like realism in police procedural crime novels in the style of Michael Connelly. Bruno Johnson, a newly minted LA County Sheriff Violent Crimes detective, gets the worst assignment possible--infiltrate a sheriff's narcotics team that may be involved in murder for hire. Gain their trust and be brought into the scheme. If he succeeds, he will have to arrest and testify against his fellow deputies--if he lives that long.

Down to No Good (Charlie Miner #2) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781611882537
Availability: Special Order
Published: Story Plant - November 7th, 2017

Private investigator Charlie Miner, freshly revived from his own murder, gets a call from Homicide Detective Dave Putnam. Self-styled "psychic to the stars" Tamara Gale has given crucial information about three murders, and the brass thinks it makes the Department look bad. Dave wants Charlie to help figure out the angle, since he has first-hand experience with the inexplicable. Trouble is, Charlie, just weeks after his full-death experience, once again has severe cognitive problems and may get them both killed.At once a riveting mystery and a completely unique character study, Down to No Good will both captivate you and work its way into your heart.

The Vanquished: A Bruno Johnson Novel (Bruno Johnson Series #4) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781608092796
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Oceanview Publishing - January 16th, 2018

Former cop and ex-con Bruno Johnson and his wife Marie, living in their safe haven in Costa Rica with the children they illegally rescued from certain death, find a message from their outlaw motorcycle gang enemies written on the back of one of their beloved children. The motorcycle gang, Sons of Satan, out for revenge, will stop at nothing to lure the now furious Bruno back into their web. Bruno and Marie, forced to return to Southern California, battle additional demons in the form of an ex-spouse's entanglements.

The FBI, watching the Sons of Satan, recognizes Bruno's unique skills and ties. They recruit him to recover a stolen military drone armed with Hellfire missiles, while Bruno struggles to keep pregnant Marie out of the crossfire. Ultimately, Bruno's inability to ignore a woman in peril yields unspeakable consequences.

Trust Me Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781611882148
Availability: Special Order
Published: Story Plant - July 14th, 2015

Jeff Fenner s life is out of control. At the nadir of a rocky, sometimes-up-usually-down career, he has finally come face-to-face with his demons: he s being investigated by the police, he owes money to the wrong people, and he sees an empty future shutting down in front of him.When Jeff hears that his sister Marilyn has committed suicide, he refuses to believe she killed herself and he embarks on a tortuous journey toward self-discovery and redemption . . . and toward the beautiful but troubled Holly Barnes. Holly s own demons have led her to a self-help cult in Beverly Hills called Saving Our Lives (or, perhaps more appropriately, SOL). Through Holly, Jeff learns of a string of apparent suicides eerily similar to his sister s and that Holly is the next target.A fresh, bracing, surprising novel of suspense, TRUST ME further establishes Earl Javorsky as a thriller voice that demands to be heard."

The Squandered: A Bruno Johnson Novel (Bruno Johnson Series #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781608092642
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Oceanview Publishing - August 15th, 2017

The Squandered propels Bruno into an emotionally charged high-speed chase as he and Marie leave their rescued kids in Costa Rica and risk returning to the US at the request of Bruno's terminally ill father. Bruno's estranged and incarcerated brother needs Bruno to help rescue his abducted young grandchildren--children that Bruno hadn't known existed.

Bruno cannot deny his father, and Marie will not let Bruno go alone. As fugitives, they return to the US to face not only imminent arrest, but also to confront ruthless kidnappers, drug dealers, and government agents who will stop at nothing to keep a secret buried forever.

Glimpses of Bruno's law enforcement past shed light on the mayhem they encounter once they are discovered in LA. It seems that Bruno's brother, Noble, has inadvertently kicked a hornet's nest of criminals, both in and out of prison. He has also stirred up various law enforcement agencies looking to find a long-missing cache of nine million dollars' worth of cocaine, and Noble's grandchildren are caught in the crosshairs.

The chase, the brutality, and the emotional stress tests Bruno and Marie's relationship and force them to define family--what's okay to forgive, and what should never be forgotten. Armed with a new moral code, will they live long enough to put it into practice?

Down Solo Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781611881769
Availability: Special Order
Published: Story Plant - December 9th, 2014

Things haven't been going well for Charlie Miner. His work as a private investigator involves him with an endless roster of shady characters. His ex-wife is borderline crazy. And he hasn't been getting to spend anywhere near enough time with his teenage daughter Mindy, the one person in his life who truly matters to him.When he wakes up on a slab in the morgue with a hole in his head, though, things get even worse.Just before the shooting, Charlie was investigating a case involving fraud, gold, religious zealots, and a gorgeous woman who seemed to be at the center of everything. Even with a fatal bullet wound, Charlie can connect the dots from the case to his attack. And when his daughter is abducted by someone involved, the stakes get exponentially higher. Charlie needs to find Mindy before the criminals do the same thing to her that they did to him.After that, maybe he'll try to figure out how he's walking around dead.Irreverent, circuitous, and surprisingly touching, Down Solo introduces a crisp new voice to suspense fiction.

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