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Chimera Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780316381031
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Orbit - November 24th, 2015

The outbreak has spread, tearing apart the foundations of society, as implanted tapeworms have turned their human hosts into a seemingly mindless mob.

Sal and her family are trapped between bad and worse, and must find a way to compromise between the two sides of their nature before the battle becomes large enough to destroy humanity, and everything that humanity has built...including the chimera.

The broken doors are closing. Can Sal make it home?

Rock with Wings (A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062270528
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Harper - November 24th, 2015

Doing a good deed for a relative offers the perfect opportunity for Sergeant Jim Chee and his wife, Officer Bernie Manuelito, to get away from the daily grind of police work. But two cases will call them back from their vacation and separate them one near Shiprock, and the other at iconic Monument Valley. 

Chee follows a series of seemingly random, cryptic clues that lead to a missing woman, a coldblooded thug, and a mysterious mound of dirt and rocks that could be a gravesite. Bernie has her hands full managing the fallout from a drug bust gone wrong, uncovering the origins of a fire in the middle of nowhere, and looking into an ambitious solar energy development with long-ranging consequences for Navajo land. 

Under the guidance of retired Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, Bernie and Chee will navigate unexpected obstacles as they confront their greatest challenge yet.

Positive: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062315397
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Harper Voyager - November 24th, 2015

Anyone can be positive...

The tattooed plus sign on Finnegan's hand marks him as a Positive. At any time, the zombie virus could explode in his body, turning him from a rational human into a ravenous monster. His only chance of a normal life is to survive the last two years of the potential incubation period. If he reaches his twenty-first birthday without an incident, he'll be cleared. 

Until then, Finn must go to a special facility for positives, segregated from society to keep the healthy population safe. But when the military caravan transporting him is attacked, Finn becomes separated. To make it to safety, he must embark on a perilous cross-country journey across an America transformed—a dark and dangerous land populated with heroes, villains, madmen, and hordes of zombies. And though the zombies are everywhere, Finn discovers that the real danger may be his fellow humans.

Yesterday's Hero Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781781168097
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Titan Books (UK) - November 24th, 2015

Another day. Another zombie T-Rex to put down. All part of the routine for Arthur Wallace and MI37 the government department devoted to battling threats magical, supernatural, extra-terrestrial, and generally odd. Except a zombie T-Rex is only the first of his problems... Before Arthur can say, But didn t I save the world yesterday? a new co-director at MI37 is threatening his job, middle-aged Russian cyborg wizards are threatening his life, and his co-workers are threatening his sanity.

Cracked: A Danny Cleary Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781783296989
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Titan Books (UK) - November 24th, 2015

After her stormy marriage ends, Danny Cleary jumps down the rabbit hole into a world of crack cocaine delivered to her door by a polite but slightly deranged dealer. But when Danny's twin sister Ginger is murdered, Danny and her rock musician brother fly to California to find their nephews and the people who killed their sister. Fighting her addiction, nosy cops and crazy drug dealers, she kicks ass and takes names, embracing her inner vigilante in a quest to avenge her sister and save her family.

Cracked is a darkly comic roller-coaster ride to redemption as Danny struggles with bad guys and her own demons to find out who killed her twin.

Cross Justice Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316407045
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Little Brown and Company - November 23rd, 2015

The toughest cases are the ones that hit close to home.

When his cousin is accused of a heinous crime, Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in over three decades. As he tries to prove his cousin's innocence in a town where everyone seems to be on the take, Cross unearths a family secret that forces him to question everything he's ever known.

Chasing a ghost he believed was long dead, Cross gets pulled into a case that has local cops scratching their heads and needing his help: a grisly string of socialite murders. Now he's hot on the trail of both a brutal killer, and the truth about his own past--and the answers he finds might be fatal.

Wild Cat (Leopard #8) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780515156096
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Berkley Books - November 24th, 2015

A simple request for Siena Arnotto: deliver a gift to her grandfather's friend. One look at Elijah Lospostos, hard-bodied and stripped to the waist, and Siena succumbs to a feline stirring she never felt before, and to Elijah's reckless and pleasurable demands. But when that pulse-throbbing moment ends in the murder of an unexpected intruder, Elijah accuses the shaken and confused Siena of setting him up. 

Then Siena discovers the truth of her Leopard heritage, of the secrets in her grandfather's inner circle, and the sinister plot of revenge that has put her in jeopardy. When Siena's grandfather is assassinated, she realizes the only man she can trust is Elijah. Now as her Leopard rises from within, Siena and Elijah share not only an animal instinct for survival but a desire so raw and wild it may be the only thing that can save them.

Uncle Janice Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345803443
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Anchor Books - November 24th, 2015

Twenty-four-year-oldJanice Itwaru is an uncle--NYPD lingo for an undercover narcotics officer--and the heroine of the most exuberant and original cop novel in years.

A New York City cop who can last eighteen months in Narcotics without getting killed or demoted first will automatically get promoted to detective. Undercover narc Janice Itwaru is at month seventeen. Ambitious, desperate for that promotion, she hits the sidewalks of Queens in her secondhand hoochie clothes, hoping to convince potential criminals, drug dealers, addicts, dummies, whomever to commit a felony on her behalf. And things aren't any easier back at the narco office, where she has to keep up with the bantering lies and inventively cruel pranks of her fellow uncles while coping with the ridiculous demands of her NYPD bosses.

With an ailing mother at home, her cover nearly blown, quota pressures from her superiors, and rumors circulating that Internal Affairs has her unit under surveillance, Janice is running terribly short on luck, as her promotion deadline approaches. Now she has to decide which evil to confront: the absurd bureaucrats at One Police Plaza, or the violent drug dealers who may already be on to her identity.

Bursting with the glorious chaos of the New York City streets, Uncle Janice is both a deeply funny portrait of how undercover cops really talk and act, and a compelling story of their crazy, dangerous, and complicated lives.

The King's Deryni (Novel of the Deryni #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780425276693
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Ace Books - November 24th, 2015

Alaric Morgan has one clear purpose in life to stand alongside the King of Gwynedd. The old king knew that his successor would benefit from having a Deryni at his side, so Alaric and the young Prince Brion Haldane were bound together by magic a magic to be called upon when Brion was most in need.

Now that eighteen-year-old Brion has ascended to the throne, seven-year-old Alaric has come to court. Through the coming years, as Alaric learns the extent of his powers and faces the ugliest prejudices against the Deryni, he will experience love, loss, and the hard lessons gained from both. And he will be there to unleash the full power of his Deryni magic at Brion's command.

For Alaric is and always will be the king's Deryni.

Andromeda's War (Legion of the Damned #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780425272749
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Ace Books - November 24th, 2015

Now a platoon leader, Legionnaire Andromeda McKee seems to have successfully left behind her true identity of Lady Catherine Cat Carletto, one of the last two surviving members of her family targeted for death by Empress Ophelia.

After failing at her one shot at vengeance, Andromeda questioned her own resolve. But now her uncle has been killed in a government raid back on Earth, leaving her the last Carletto standing and the family's only chance for justice.

A chance that comes when the empress's ship crashes on a hostile planet. As a legionnaire, Andromeda McKee has countless kills under her belt. But it will be Cat Carletto who has to pull the trigger on the one who really matters

Stars in Your Eyes (de Piaget Family #16) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780515156157
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Berkley Books - November 24th, 2015

Imogen Maxwell is on a hunt for rare, antique items to use on a period movie set. The last thing she expects to discover in the peaceful Scottish countryside is a pristine medieval sword...or to suddenly find herself facing its very vintage owner in a far too authentic castle.

Phillip de Piaget has run out of patience with his recalcitrant Scottish betrothed and is determined that she will join him, once and for all, in front of the altar. Only the lass he captures fleeing his would-be keep seems more interested in running away from him than talking to him. In fact, she seems to have no idea who he is.

But taming his reluctant bride is the least of his worries; it seems someone else wants him at the a stone box. As for Imogen, how can he let her go, when she holds the key to not only the castle, but his heart?

You Have Never Been Here: New and Selected Stories Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781618731104
Availability: Backordered
Published: Small Beer Press - November 24th, 2015

Mary Rickert writes hard, political stories that yet encompass the gentle wisdom of the ages. Here are cruelty and love. War and regeneration. She has long been an undiscovered master of the short story and this survey collection, including new work, will open the eyes of a wide, astonished audience.

Mary Rickert has worked as kindergarten teacher, barista, Disneyland balloon vendor, and in the personnel de-partment of Sequoia National Park where she spent her time off hiking the wilderness. She is the author of two collections and the novel "The Memory Garden" and she has received the Shirley Jackson and World Fantasy awards. She lives in Wisconsin.