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Ocean Acoustics (Kobo eBook)

Ocean Acoustics By Anatoly Kistovich, Konstantin Pokazeev, Tatiana Chaplina Cover Image
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This book presents a comprehensive overview of hydroacoustics and describes the physical basis of acoustic processes observed in the sea. In addition, it discusses the basic concepts and provides simplified models of sound propagation and acoustic phenomena at the boundary between environments. Lastly, the book examines in detail a number of applications of ocean acoustics and methods.

The ocean is the last reserve of natural resources. It is also an essential element in the biosphere, ensuring the latter’s balance, and plays a pivotal role in the Earth’s climate system and global warming. Consequently, studying the ocean is one of humankind’s most critical scientific tasks, but penetrating its mysteries is no mean feat. Acoustics (hydroacoustics) is one of the most powerful tools for examining the water layer and beyond, since sound waves are the only type of radiation that can propagate over distances of hundreds and even thousands of kilometers in the ocean.

This unique resource appeals to specialists working in the fields of ocean and atmosphere physics, students and postgraduate students studying sea physics and oceanology, and anyone who is interested in the problems the ocean is currently facing.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9783030358846
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2020