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All the Shadows of the Rainbow (Kobo eBook)

All the Shadows of the Rainbow Cover Image
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In spring of 1955, magic-worker and new vampire Diana Chilton returns to civilization from the Maine woods. Reconnecting with people and places from her old life for the first time, she travels to Boston for the spring Beltene rites and encounters an old friend, Jack Garrett. Jack is the only magician Diana meets who recognizes her as a vampire. He suggests that the two of them pursue the dream that had originally drawn her to Maine: creating a magical group that will manipulate people and events to catalyze social change. Not until the group breaks up after a devastating reality check in 1963 does Diana finally succeed in finding another vampire, Troy Stevenson, who is helping a new commune of organic farmers get established in a rambling farmhouse in Sheridan, Massachusetts. Diana loves the commune—and Troy—but the work she did with Jack is far from finished.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781935303176
Publisher: By Light Unseen Media
Publication Date: September 29th, 2013