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Emily the Strange: The Lost Days (Kobo eBook)

Emily the Strange: The Lost Days Cover Image
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13 Elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel:

  1. Mystery

  2. A beautiful golem

  3. Souped-up slingshots

  4. Four black cats

  5. Amnesia

  6. Calamity Poker

  7. Angry ponies

  8. A shady truant officer

  9. Top-13 lists

  10. A sandstorm generator

  11. Doppelgängers

  12. A secret mission

  13. Earwigs

Emily the Strange: 13 years old. Able to leap tall buildings, probably, if she felt like it. More likely to be napping with her four black cats; or cobbling together a particle accelerator out of lint, lentils, and safety pins; or rocking out on drums/ guitar/saxophone/zither; or painting a swirling feral sewer mural; or forcing someone to say "swirling feral sewer mural" 13 times fast . . . and pointing and laughing.