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Custom Literary Care Packages

Mysterious Galaxy Personalized Care Package

Do you miss being able to pick our booksellers' brains for the best recommendations? Well WE miss it! Helping people find new books to love is, without question, the best part of being a bookseller. We LOVE talking about books, and we are reviving that experience as safely as possible. Enter Mysterious Galaxy Personalized Care Packages! Individually curated books and literary accessories, for someone you love (this includes yourself!), hand-chosen by the devoted booksellers of Mysterious Galaxy! If you find yourself "back at one" when thinking of gifts for the cherished main characters in your life, take these 5 steps to lighten your gift-giving task-list.

  1. Choose a budget. Please factor in shipping costs when checking out
  2. Complete your order and make sure to include the intended recipient's address in the shipping information
  3. Complete this Personalization form 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 (if you are sending multiple Care Packages!)
  5. Make them fall (back) in love with reading

Please note:

You will have the choice in the questionaire to either approve our booksellers' book and gift choices or not!


SKU: CarePackage
Minimum: $10.00