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Browse Books: Young Adult Fiction / Social Themes / Peer Pressure

Sexy Cover Image
Sexy (Paperback) By Joyce Carol Oates $7.99
Panic Cover Image
Panic (Hardcover) By Lauren Oliver $19.79
The Blood Between Us Cover Image
The Blood Between Us (Paperback) By Zac Brewer $10.99
Brunettes Strike Back Cover Image
Brunettes Strike Back (Paperback) By Kieran Scott $9.89
How to Win at High School Cover Image
How to Win at High School (Hardcover) By Owen Matthews $19.79
The Fixes: A Novel Cover Image
The Fixes: A Novel (Hardcover) By Owen Matthews $19.79
This Is How It Happened Cover Image
This Is How It Happened (Hardcover) By Paula Stokes $19.79
Going Geek Cover Image
Going Geek (Hardcover) By Charlotte Huang $19.79
The Candy Darlings Cover Image
The Candy Darlings (Paperback) By Christine Walde $19.71
Crazy Beautiful Cover Image
Crazy Beautiful (Hardcover) By Lauren Baratz-Logsted $16.00
The Lipstick Laws Cover Image
The Lipstick Laws (Paperback) By Amy Holder $14.55
Populazzi Cover Image
Populazzi (Paperback) By Elise Allen $22.87
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Kens Cover Image
Kens (Paperback) By Raziel Reid $10.99
You Don't Know Me Like That (Rumor Central) Cover Image
You Don't Know Me Like That (Rumor Central) (Paperback) By ReShonda Tate Billingsley $10.95
Press Play Cover Image
Press Play (Paperback) By Eric Devine $10.95
Doreen Cover Image
Doreen (Hardcover) By Ilana Manaster $18.65
Flip the Bird Cover Image
Flip the Bird (Hardcover) By Kym Brunner $19.79
Any Other Girl Cover Image
Any Other Girl (Paperback) By Rebecca Phillips $16.64
The Screaming Season (Possessions #3) Cover Image
The Screaming Season (Possessions #3) (Paperback) By Nancy Holder $9.99
Friday Never Leaving Cover Image
Friday Never Leaving (Paperback) By Vikki Wakefield $10.99
Gang Girl (Lorimer SideStreets) Cover Image
Gang Girl (Lorimer SideStreets) (Paperback) By Nancy Miller $9.89
Riot Act (Orca Soundings) Cover Image
Riot Act (Orca Soundings) (Paperback) By Diane Tullson $10.95
Infiltration (Orca Soundings) Cover Image
Infiltration (Orca Soundings) (Paperback) By Sean Rodman $10.95
Responsible (Orca Soundings) Cover Image
Responsible (Orca Soundings) (Paperback) By Darlene Ryan $10.95
Goth Girl Rising Cover Image
Goth Girl Rising (Hardcover) By Barry Lyga $17.00
Confessions of a Hater Cover Image
Confessions of a Hater (Paperback) By Caprice Crane $14.99
Zombie Blondes Cover Image
Zombie Blondes (Paperback) By Brian James $9.89
Dancing with Molly Cover Image
Dancing with Molly (Paperback) By Lena Horowitz $13.19
Secrets, Lies, and Scandals Cover Image
Secrets, Lies, and Scandals (Hardcover) By Amanda K. Morgan $19.79
Clean Cover Image
Clean (Hardcover) By Amy Reed $18.69