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Chronicles of a Gay Boy: X (Paperback)

Chronicles of a Gay Boy: X By Glend Martinez Cover Image
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Who knew high school would be so... gay? Glend was starry-eyed and ready to take steps into his junior year of high school. He was ready to march down those halls and take his high school by storm. You see, he was anything but your ordinary high school student. He's lived his whole life struggling with poverty, abuse, malnourishment, envy, and his sexuality. until one day, X turns his life completely upside down. Finally, Glend has found something that can distract him from the hardships of his home life - He's finally found someone that can always put a smile on his face, even when he's had the worst day. Until X brings another person into their relationship. And so, the rollercoaster of teenage love and drama begins. What was supposed to be a loving relationship between two boyfriends turns into a weird situation where X has a girlfriend and a boyfriend that he only calls on behind closed doors. How long can Glend handle being kept a secret? Was this love story make it till the end? And, who's gonna be the first to find out? Dive deep into a world full of secrets, flirting, and high school drama. With twists, turns, and affairs behind every corner, you'll find yourself getting swept away alongside Glend who's just trying to make it through high school. In "Chronicles of a Gay Boy: X", see the world from Glend's eyes and go through the secret world of homosexual drama that you never even dreamed of. Scroll up, Click on "Buy Now", and Get Your Copy Now

Product Details
ISBN: 9798987388518
Publisher: Be Good Do Good Publications
Publication Date: September 17th, 2022
Pages: 200
Language: English