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Ancilla (Magnum Opus #1) (Hardcover)

Ancilla (Magnum Opus #1) By Sera Maddox Drake Cover Image
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A shy librarian and a university scholar who has recently been defenestrated from her ivory tower meet in a bookstore. He's been waiting his whole life for someone like her. Meanwhile, she's starting her whole life over. What then ensues between the two lovers is magic... Given that he's about to become her tutor in the magickal and erotic arts, that's only to be expected.

"Master, teach me. I want to apprentice myself."

I can feel him trembling. Am I trembling too? I must be. My voice is. But all I feel is him.

"Is this something you really want, or do you just want to learn how to be a dominant?" Shaking. God, he's shaking. His raw need rips through me. "You did mention your former girlfriend wanting you to play the dominant. I can advise you without actually asking anything of you if that's the case. Or is this about that conversation we had a while back about studying magic -"

"If I only wanted advice, I'd ask for advice. I don't just want advice. I want you. Master, teach me." I take a deep breath.

Silence falls.

"I want that very badly," he says at last.

"I'm yours for the taking. Please. Take me."

The room is still. Too still. The very air is holding its breath.


The only one trembling now is me...

Product Details
ISBN: 9798889404323
Publisher: Staten House
Publication Date: January 8th, 2024
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Magnum Opus