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Capital Murder (Paperback)

Capital Murder By Dan Willis Cover Image
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When the FBI wants to sweep the murder of a US Senator under the rug, Alex Lockerby must navigate the halls of political power and corruption in order to catch a professional killer and uncover dark conspiracy that threatens the very foundations of government.

Hired by the widow of a murdered US Senator, Alex Lockerby is shocked to find out that she's the only one who seems to want the crime solved. Between the local police and the FBI, everyone wants this case over and done with, even if they have to sweep it under the rug just to make it go away.

Not satisfied with the answers he's getting, Alex dives into the world of high stakes power politics and the inherent corruption that goes with it. Quickly he finds himself with more motives and suspects than he can manage, all while being pursued by a professional killer, a murderous thief, and a powerful crime lord from his past.

With time running out to find the true motive for the Senator's murder, Alex must find the link between a bizarre theft, a missing alchemist, and legislation the murdered Senator was working on. If he succeeds, Alex might just have a chance to uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens the government itself, unless they get him first.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798734651919
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 9th, 2021
Pages: 348
Language: English