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Of Stars and Water: Elemental Ties Trilogy (Paperback)

Of Stars and Water: Elemental Ties Trilogy By Taylor Schafer Cover Image
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The world is in chaos, after a freak solar storm destroys all technology on Earth. The planet goes into World War III and half the population is eradicated. The remaining population, because of radiation from the bombs and solar storm, ends up changing them. The radiation awakes latent elemental powers, allowing every person to control one element.

Kitana has known since she was a young girl, she was different, she figured out early on that she could control all four elements. Something completely unheard of. But to stay safe she practices only water with her foster family. When her foster mom marries the Royal Duke and they move to Canada she is forced to live in the large estate with the royal family and the insufferable heir to the Water throne, Zane Frost. Zane torments Kitana making it known the orphan is not welcome in his home. Then they're forced on a life changing mission with the three other Elemental Princes and things begin to heat up.

Of Stars and Elements is a post apocalyptic fantasy medium burn, why choose, with mm, and a little enemies to lovers story. It will have dark themes, explicit scenes, and light BDSM. Only suitable for 18+
Product Details
ISBN: 9798396995970
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 17th, 2023
Pages: 218
Language: English