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Access Code: Wh1t3D00r (Paperback)

Access Code: Wh1t3D00r By Débora A. Perugorría Cover Image
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Matt, a hacker who dedicates herself to stealing personal information, finds herself divided between two worlds:
The first is a relationship between two completely different women. On one hand, there's Matt who has suffered abuse since she was little, lives her sexuality in an open and totally natural way, almost painfully promiscuous. On the other hand, there's Ana, who has lived her entire life based on what her parents expect, lives her sexuality as a taboo topic, not allowing herself to feel pleasure without guilt for the relationship she is in. After all, her parents would see it as sinful and immoral. Both will have to struggle with internal demons, one with the birth of a new feeling: love. The other with the disappointed looks from her parents and the judgment of others.
The second world is the deal she carries out in parallel with the target she is working towards. This target shows itself open to giving her whatever she wants as long as she remains in the role of a prostitute fulfilling his fantasy of being with a child, which is painful for Matt as it brings up memories of a terrible past buried deep in her memory.
Will she be able to keep both lives separate or will she suffer the consequences of the collision of both worlds?
Will she obtain the desired data or be dragged down by her internal demons, thus finding her own destruction?
Product Details
ISBN: 9798392777846
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 4th, 2023
Pages: 266
Language: English