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Drops of Jupiter (Paperback)

Drops of Jupiter By April Adams Cover Image
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In the year 2500, humans began leaving Earth to terraform and settle on the many moons circling the planet Jupiter. The largest moons became ports and then homes to burgeoning cities.

One hundred years later, the humans began discovering other races throughout the galaxies. One race they called elves, after a fairy tale race that had existed in stories from their home planet. The elves brought with them a dying race of Dragons that the humans were able to save, by turning them into Cyborganic ships.

In the year 3625, a biotech company named GwenSeven becomes the first corporation to perfectly manufacture humans with artificial intelligence who begin to unite and stage a rebellion, calling their race Chimera.

Meanwhile, the smaller moons of Jupiter are being used as bases by the newly founded government as well as private companies. They are outposts for mining, hiding, or experimentation. Many are government sponsored colonies for the poor. The people who live there are considered expendable, and often die of hardship or disease. Or worse.

Amberle finds herself at the end of her teenage years, on her first real job, on a moon full of the dying, dead, and the undead. Threatened by disaster, loneliness, and danger - she finds that she is not alone. Confronted with fear and responsibility, her changing body and ideas, she faces one challenge after another, each seeming to grow in difficulty.

She learns that growing up means facing reality. But she also learns that reality is what she makes it.

In the end, she finds herself.

Her story is a coming of age, in the Age of Dragons.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218037246
Publisher: Fat Cat Inc
Publication Date: August 28th, 2023
Pages: 276
Language: English