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Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Halal Products An Attitudinal Study (Paperback)

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Halal Products An Attitudinal Study By Khan Adil Cover Image
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1.0 Overview

This chapter introduces the brief background of the research problem, raises and

discusses important research issues. The possible contribution of proposed research

work is discussed with its justification. Current research focuses on the factors

influencing the Indian Muslim consumers' purchase intention of halal-certified

packaged food products. In other words, the research looks into the matter, what if the

Muslim consumers are offered halal certified food products? Will Muslim consumers

in India accept such products? What will be the factors behind such motivations? To

tackle this problem the present research employs a widely accepted behavioural

intention model, the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) by inculcating important

contextual constructs available in the literature.

1.1 Background

This thesis investigates the factors influencing purchase intention of halal-certified

packaged food products in India. Further, the present research finds out the relative

configuration of various relevant factors which may shape halal purchase intention of

Indian Muslim consumers. Following paragraphs in the background section discusses

chief motivations pertinent to the present study. First the halal has become a

buzzword in the global scenario. Second, the concept of halal has importance for

many stakeholders: researchers, marketers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and the

ultimate consumers. In subsequent paragraphs, the author discusses the emergence of

halal in the global scenario and why researchers have called for a need to understand

Muslim consumers' behaviour better.

Globally a new phenomenon among marketers and researchers has emerged. They are

now more interested in Muslim consumer as their target consumers and subjects of

study like never before. This trend has its roots in a recent marketing innovation

known as halal branding. A number of companies are tapping into the market

including both new entrants and old established companies. A new wave of

enthusiasm about halal branding and Islamic marketing among marketers has led to,

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