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Adventure that Changed Everything: A Tale of Friendship Between Luna and the Wolf (Paperback)

Adventure that Changed Everything: A Tale of Friendship Between Luna and the Wolf By S. G. Larson Cover Image
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A book with charming illustrations that stimulate the imagination and curiosity of a child - great for reading together

The book is about a young girl named Luna who loves spending her holidays at her grandma's house. One day, she sets off to the forest in search of berries for a delicious cake. However, a fire breaks out suddenly, and she gets lost in the woods. Will Luna be able to face the dangers and safely leave the forest?

Several essential ideals are taught throughout the book, including:

  • Courage - the main character Luna must face dangers such as a forest fire and bravely seek solutions to survive and save her friends.
  • Friendship - the book emphasizes the importance of friendship, mutual help, and support in difficult times.
  • Responsibility - the book shows the consequences of a forest fire and underscores the importance of responsible behavior towards nature. It encourages respect and protection of the natural environment.
  • Respect for others - Luna meets various animals and learns to accept their differences. This helps readers understand that one should not judge others based on appearance, but rather appreciate their individuality and uniqueness.
Product Details
ISBN: 9788396084774
ISBN-10: 8396084777
Publisher: S. G. Larson
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English