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Meditations (Paperback)

Meditations By Marcus Aurelius Cover Image
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Discover the profound wisdom and guidance of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. This timeless collection of philosophical reflections offers practical insights on resilience, 
self-discipline, and finding inner peace, making it a treasured resource for personal growth and contemplation.

Timeless wisdom for inner reflection and Stoic philosophy!

  • Marcus Aurelius' meditative writings on the pursuit of a virtuous life
  • Offers practical wisdom and guidance for navigating challenges and achieving inner peace
  • Explores Stoic philosophy and principles of self-discipline and resilience
  • Provides a profound reflection on mortality, gratitude, and the nature of the self
  • A transformative work that inspires readers to cultivate mindfulness and live with intention

About the Author

Marcus Aurelius was born Marcus Annius Verus in Rome on 26 April 121. He was taught at home by some of the best tutors. In 161, after the death of Antoninus, Marcus became the ruler of the Roman Empire. He made Lucius Verus his co-emperor, and for the first time in history, Rome was being ruled by two emperors.
During his campaigns against the Sarmatians and Germans, Marcus penned down this emotions, thoughts, and reflections in a series of twelve books called Meditations. Originally written in Greek, Meditations records the various stages of his life and gives an insight into his inner life, Stoic ideas, and philosophy.
The first English translation appeared in 1634. It was published by Meric Casaubon. With themes, ideas, and beliefs which have continued to inspire the readers across the centuries, Meditations is one of the greatest works of Greek and philosophical literature.
Marcus breathed his last on 17 March 180. He was succeeded by his son, Commodus. "

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ISBN: 9788175994751
ISBN-10: 8175994754
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
Pages: 228
Language: English