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Dialogue with a Christian (Paperback)

Dialogue with a Christian By Manea Al-Hazmi Cover Image
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The reader will be surprised to learn that, in the Bible, Jesus (pbuh) never claimed to be God; that he did not die on the cross; that the miracles performed by him were also performed by many other prophets and even by disbelievers; and that Jesus himself prophesied the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon both of them. All of this plus much more is detailed from clear and concise passages of the Bible. The question that obviously must be raised after witnessing such clear contradictions is: Is the Bible God's Word? The effort here by Dr. Baagil is not intended to deride Christian people, and certainly not to mock Jesus and his teachings, as Allah forbids such activities. The intent is only to point out that false charges, misrepresentations, and outright lies against Allah and His prophets are in themselves both deriding and mocking in nature.

Product Details
ISBN: 9785141531095
ISBN-10: 5141531090
Publisher: Dr. Manea Al-Hazmi
Publication Date: January 6th, 2023
Pages: 38
Language: English