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Moral order through God's laws. (Paperback)

Moral order through God's laws. By Jose C. Flores Cover Image
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Is God just? To post-Christian America, the answer is unapologetically "no." Modem man believes he has evolved to the point to where God is no longer needed. Gone are the harsh days, modem man says, of eternal condemnation for sin. And gone are the harsh days, he adds, of society being under harsh laws from a harsh God. As it turns out (or so modem man thinks), it was not man who was unjust all along-it was God Now, sadly autonomous, modem man has cast off the restraint of God's

justice for his own version of justice.It is this Enlightenment philosophy as applied to the civil realm that inspires this rebuttal.

Today, Americans everywhere take for granted that the civil code God revealed in the Older Testament is "harsh," "barbaric," "tyrannical," etc. We hear such irreverent sloganizing as, "We can't impose our views on others like in the Old Testament "; "We can't go back to stoning people "; "Those laws reflected a primitive culture "; etc., etc.These attacks on God's honor have persisted too long, and must be answered.

Product Details
ISBN: 9783486687484
ISBN-10: 3486687484
Publisher: Jose C. Flores
Publication Date: July 13th, 2023
Pages: 204
Language: English