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Guy Wilson Creating Golf Excellence: The Genesis of Lydia Ko & More Stars (Paperback)

Guy Wilson Creating Golf Excellence: The Genesis of Lydia Ko & More Stars By Bruce Miller, John Key (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Bruce Miller, John Key (Foreword by)
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Do you want to learn the methods of an amazing golf coach and play better golf? Discover how Guy coached Lydia Ko to be an outstanding great player and how he continues to create amazing golfers quickly and efficiently using new technology.

It all started when Guy was in the pro shop and Tina walked in and asked him about giving her 5-year-old daughter, Lydia, her first golf lesson. Lydia couldn't even speak English and could barely see over the counter.

Guy agreed and over the next 11 years, he created, coached, and guided little Lydia to the world stage and ingrained in her a strong foundation for one of the most envied swings in golf

At the end of 2022, Lydia Ko was ranked the Number 1 woman golfer in the world for the second time in her record-breaking career.

Guy continues to create champions at the Institute of Golf in New Zealand. Another former student, Ruoning (Judy) Yin whom he coached for years recently won the LPGA LA Open Championship in Los Angeles on April 2, 2023.

Here is what others have said about Guy,

"I want to congratulate you, Guy, on the great foundation you built in Lydia Ko. Anything you build you have kept in mind how long it is going to last, and over the years you can make small changes, but a well-built foundation will last a lifetime." - Larry O'Brien, Stanford Golf Club professional.

"What separates Guy from other coaches who are standing on the range and delivering just instruction -- and that of course is part of coaching -- is this: to look into the person's eyes and start to understand and learn about the student." -- Gregory Thorpe, High-Performance Golf Manager, Golf NZ

  • You will learn about his style of coaching, guidance, attitude, humor, natural talent, and ability to guide his students.
  • You will discover exactly how Guy created, coached, and guided little Lydia to the highest playing level in golf.
  • You will learn about the mental game and how to breathe and keep your composure after a disastrous shot.
  • You will learn how Guy and the Team at the Institute of Golf, use the latest technology, artificial intelligence, and the most efficient ways to continue to create high-performance players, who get scholarships to major universities, win championships, and much more.

This book has valuable information for any golfer, golf coach, young adult, teen, or parents of children who are just starting out.

Learn about an amazing golf instructor who continues to create high-performing players. Get it now

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ISBN: 9781991048196
ISBN-10: 199104819X
Publisher: Pacific Trust Holdings Nz Ltd.
Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English