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Slip Away from Harm: Save at Risk & Disabled Lives Via Police Harmony (Paperback)

Slip Away from Harm: Save at Risk & Disabled Lives Via Police Harmony Cover Image
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The title of this book is, SLIP. SLIP stands for; "Stop and Listen to Instructions of the Police." This book is instructive, philosophical, and spiritual. The purpose of this book is to offer solutions to the problems of excessive use of deadly force by the police, and violent hate crimes against police officers. Obviously, there are too many tragic killings by and against police officers nowadays. When we observe the entirety of police officers taking human lives at such an alarming rate, indeed, the problem seems too big and too complicated to solve. In reality, many have tried, and many have failed at trying to fix the problem of police officers taking human life on such a regular basis. I stepped back and took a closer look at many cases in which police officers took human lives. I was surprised but encouraged at what I found out. I remain encouraged that the problem of deadly force is quite fixable, and positive results can be obtained very affordably. My epiphany, as I sat and researched those numerous cases was, almost categorically, in every case of killed by police officer tragedies, you'll find one common fatal error. The fatal flaw is, people do not stop and listen to instruction of the police (SLIP). Other books on the subject of fixing the problem of the police using excessive deadly force talk about what law enforcement and the legal system should do. Such content focus only on training, body cameras, and holding police officers accountable. Those efforts are important building blocks but so far, nothing changes. Maybe when we combine such tools with the sound structured teachings of SLIP we will start to save lives of both the community and police officers. SLIP is a great book to equip parents, guardians, teachers, and police officers to bring about societal change via empowering our youth with people skills that can save lives in the near future. To create a way to fix the problem of police deadly force, we must create a way to do it that is simple enough for everybody to understand. I am happy to say, I wrote SLIP as a step by step guide for creating peace and harmony between police officers and the community whenever they interact. Just to make sure SLIP is a more memorable catchphrase, I refer to SLIP as "SLIP Away from Harm," often throughout the book.I find it significant to mention before I go any further, I am a black man. Per the research I do, my findings are, the key trigger for police officers using deadly force is, people fail to stop and follow instructions. I urge people to pick any case that ended in death by a police officer and take a closer look at the details. They will find that failure to stop and follow instructions was the flammable ingredient that sparked police use of deadly force, far more so than racism. Pay attention to race, though, and often you will find that the victims are white, or otherwise nonblack, or the victim and the police officer are of the same race. I focus heavily on race sometimes in SLIP because I want people to get over being too angry about race. Instead, we should focus our energy on workable solutions that will save the lives of children down the road. SLIP is written with a heavy emphasis on teaching people from childhood to "SLIP Away from Harm," by always cooperating and being respectful to police officers.
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ISBN: 9781983311949
ISBN-10: 1983311944
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 4th, 2018
Pages: 164
Language: English