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Glass Kingdom (Hardcover)

Glass Kingdom By M. Lynn Cover Image
By M. Lynn
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A hidden princess. A man with no family. A rebellion neither of them saw coming.

On the shores of Madra, tradition is law.

For Princess Helena, this means wearing masks to hide from common eyes.

For the people, it means bowing down to a king who cares little for them.

Wanting to rid herself of the rules holding her back, Helena escapes into the city, unrecognizable without her mask.

She only wants a taste of life outside her walls before returning to the only place she's known, but she hadn't counted on him. The boy who makes her forget about her brothers' worries or her father's wrath.

What if Dell is the freedom she's been searching for her entire life?

As she begins to believe it's possible to be both princess and normal girl, the kingdom she loves is thrown into chaos, and her once-solid family shatters, proving they'd been made of glass all along.

Dive into the fourth installment of the Fantasy and Fairytales series where familiar faces find themselves across the sea, embroiled in another kingdom's battle. A tale of adventure, magic, and romance, Glass Kingdom surprises at every turn.

The Fantasy and Fairtales series:

  1. Golden Curse
  2. Golden Chains
  3. Golden Crown
  4. Glass Kingdom
  5. Glass Princess
  6. Noble Thief
  7. Cursed Beauty

Product Details
ISBN: 9781970052787
ISBN-10: 1970052783
Publisher: Michelle Macqueen
Publication Date: May 10th, 2021
Pages: 282
Language: English