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Road to the Hollow (Hardcover)

Road to the Hollow By Cassandra Featherstone Cover Image
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"I suggest you focus your considerable talents and effort on finding another career path."

From the moment those words left Agent Grant's lips, I realized my dream of being a profiler for the F.B.I. was dead. All because I happened to come from a small town in the Midwest.

Seriously, that's the only reason he would give me.

So I did what any sane woman with a heart full of rage and an Ivy League education would do.

Pack up what was left of my failed life and move back...

I don't know what triggered the flags on my file, but you can sure as hell bet I will find out-even if it kills me.

If Stephanie Plum meets Sookie Stackhouse in a small Southern town sounds like your jam, get ready to be captivated by the Misfit Protection Program. Step into a world where the polite words are as cutting as the claws and fangs of the people uttering them and the threads of mystery have been woven by the Fates since the dawn of time. Jolene Whitley may not know what's really going on in her hometown, but she's determined to survive it.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781960935113
ISBN-10: 1960935119
Publisher: Cassandra Featherstone
Publication Date: February 14th, 2024
Pages: 204
Language: English