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The Binding Power (Paperback)

The Binding Power By Cassidy Faline Cover Image
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Power Corrupts,

Power Divides,

Only Power Wins.

I can no longer keep my seat at the nightly dinner, nor peacefully take my rest at night. My thoughts are with the men gathering just outside the manor's gates, waiting for my command to march on the capital. My heart burns within me. I will destroy them all. That vile, pitiful excuse for a king will not be allowed to continue his efforts toward Ancient contact. Isle help us, what would we do if he actually succeeded?

The new Republic of Retall is in turmoil. Discontent rises amongst those stripped of power, and a Resistance threatens Hiero's new title as king. Former enemies have been restrained, for now, but Hiero still feels the fragility of his position. There are powers at play, powers he can only dream of understanding, but they may serve to destroy everything he has worked so hard to gain. Against a backdrop of loyalty, treachery, and the ever-present threat of war, players both old and new will struggle to each keep their tenuous hold on power, for without it, not one will be able to hold Retall's throne.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781958852040
ISBN-10: 195885204X
Publisher: Cassidy Faline Productions
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 508
Language: English