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Cradled in the Arms of Compassion: A Spiritual Journey from Trauma to Recovery (Hardcover)

Cradled in the Arms of Compassion: A Spiritual Journey from Trauma to Recovery By Jr. Rogers, Frank Cover Image
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Selected as one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2023 by Spirituality and Practice

"This is an amazing book that I couldn't put down once I started it." -Richard Schwartz, PhD, developer of the Internal Family Systems model

"You were like this once. What did you do to get better?" A day out from a mental institution, a woman devastated by flashbacks from childhood trauma poses this question to her big brother. Within a few weeks, she took her own life. This book is the answer that her brother wished he could have offered.

Spiritual director and professor Frank Rogers had been there. As a young adult, he too was tormented by trauma suffered in the same family. Wracked by depression, he was on the cliff edge of suicide. From intense despair, he set off on a quest-for answers, for sanity, for a credible God to see him through. Cradled in the Arms of Compassion is at once a narrative of psychological transformation and a spiritual autobiography that details the survivor's journey. Rogers shows how he found recovery through a combination of reflective retreats, therapy, creative expression, and an extraordinary application of imaginative meditation that spiritual seekers and practitioners will find utterly fascinating. The ensuing discovery evolved into the uniquely self-restorative process known as the Compassion Practice.

Frank Rogers' account reveals that a compassionate sacred presence sustains this wounded world, and that this presence can be known, even in the sewers of life's most damaging traumas.

One of the few male accounts of childhood sexual abuse and fewer still that charts a spiritual course for the transformation of trauma.

"Like all good memoir, Cradled in the Arms of Compassion has a robust narrative engine-the reader is led along, page-by-page, with questions, curiosities, and a desire to see what 'happens next.'" -Spirituality and Practice

Product Details
ISBN: 9781957687209
ISBN-10: 1957687207
Publisher: Lake Drive Books, LLC
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 366
Language: English