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The Scent of Heat (Hardcover)

The Scent of Heat Cover Image
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It's 1957. Attractive and cheerful Ariella Paz, a nineteen-year-old Israeli soldier, has a dream: to live in America. The movie magazines she reads weekly fuel her fire, as do the movies she sees. However, the dream is shattered when her mother discloses that she has found a lump in her breast. The long and agonizing treatments, the fear of her death, the scary thought of having to take care of a younger sister, devastate Ariella. Her father and older brother won't expose their feelings, leaving Ariella feeling desperate.

She is heartbroken and vulnerable when she meets Arik. An older, charming and good-looking businessman. Ariella and Arik's affair is passionate, augmented with gifts and trips, but also tainted by secrets, lies and deceptions.

Ariella confront him and breaks all ties, but Arik wants to get revenge. He tries to harm her but gets her lookalike aunt badly injured instead. Only when Ariella's father gets re-married, Ariella knows that her sister will be taken care of and she'll be free to leave. But will she?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781947392373
ISBN-10: 1947392379
Publisher: Esther Perchik Sery
Publication Date: September 2018
Pages: 370
Language: English