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The Recon Trilogy + 1 (Paperback)

The Recon Trilogy + 1 Cover Image


A cross between Alice in Wonderland and Apocalypse Now, Triggerfish 1-2 is a journey through the Central Highlands of consciousness smoldering with feverish realizations that question self-identity leaving Triggerfish, an idealistic lieutenant, to be visited by historical entities and transported to episodic places as he hopes and waits for a MEDEVAC.

Scarecrow Angel, a childhood friend of Specialist Fourth Class (SPEC4) Blake Williams, first appeared as one of the visiting characters in the original versions of Triggerfish 1-2, but he had to be excused from that story when he heard Blake calling for him from an early morning watch in another part of Vietnam.

The Leg examines what happens when memories are separated to either move ahead or else be left behind by subsequent experiences. Only in the process of recollecting and sharing will the memories be able to make sense out of the directions that have or haven't been taken.

Challenging perspectives and expectations with international, generational, and personal insights, El Dorado locks and loads the guerrilla experience and links wars and revolutions over eras and continents to help Private First Class (PFC) Lonnie Trujillo get back to base camp, and hopefully make it home.

"The first thing you realize in reading Ben White's book is that he is a first rate mind and a first rate writer. Written with grace and knowledge of the horror of war, White takes you deeper into the fear, despair and absurdity of war than you may wish to go. But then you read on. As a Vietnam veteran, I know the author writes with brutal honesty. The only other work I can compare it to is the 1933 masterpiece, Company K, written by William March. The Recon Trilogy +1 should be required reading by anyone who believes war is anything but death and dying." David R. Davis

author of The Unusual Man and Running In, Walking Out

About the Author

After receiving an Associate's degree in Social Science and running out of money - having no offers to play college baseball - Ben White started a military career with a two-year enlistment in the U. S. Army. After coming back from Germany, he left his home state of Kentucky to play baseball at the University of New Mexico where he double majored in Philosophy and Creative Writing before joining the United States Coast Guard. Paralleling his USCG tours, Ben completed a Master's in Business Administration and a Master's in Educational Technology Leadership. Two months after he retired from the Coast Guard, he defended a dissertation on mindfulness. He has since earned a master's in Creative Writing. He is the author of a book-length poem, "Buddha Bastinado Blues," and e-novel of the Cold War, The Kill Gene, and a novella, The Cuban, included in Running Wild Press' Anthology of Novellas, Volume 2. He lives in an almost empty nest with his wife (of 32 years), Katrina, while his sons, Shade and Hudson, venture out (and back) to find their own ways.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781947041554
ISBN-10: 194704155X
Publisher: Running Wild Press
Publication Date: November 11th, 2020
Pages: 274
Language: English