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The Little Book of Farts: Everything You Didn't Need to Know and More! (Hardcover)

The Little Book of Farts: Everything You Didn't Need to Know and More! By Summersdale Publishers Cover Image
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Prepare to laugh and learn with The Little Book of Farts. From historical to musical, animal to mini farts, this amusing guide celebrates the diversity of flatulence and promises hilarious moments for all toilet-humored enthusiasts.

If you thought there was only one type of fart, get ready to be blown away!

This amusing and informative little book is set to entertain farters far and wide. Featuring all things flatulence, it's the perfect gift for toilet-humored-cheese-cutters!

Human beings are made unique by a selection of special and beautiful things: our fingerprints, our irises, our voices... and our farts.

Covering the many different types of farts, farty facts (did you know, a person farts around 15 times a day?), farting etiquette, top-trumping tips and bottom-burp analysis, this book is sure to make you laugh out loud and let one rip.

Get a whiff of what this book's got going on inside:

· Historical farts, such as The Tomb of Toot-ankhamun
· Musical farts, such as Trumpet Chorus
· Travel farts, such as Turdulance
· Animal Farts, such as The Whale Song
· Mini Farts, such as Pocket Parp

And more!

After reading this pocket-(parp)-sized book, you'll realize you didn't know the first thing about flatulence!

About the Author

Founded in 1990, Summersdale is a vibrant publisher that puts its heart and soul into creating exceptional books. They swiftly respond to emerging technology and trends, provide entertaining, informative and innovative content in the genres of travel writing, general non-fiction, health and well-being, and gift and humor.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781837992782
ISBN-10: 1837992789
Publisher: Summersdale
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2024
Pages: 160
Language: English