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A Fractured Infinity (Paperback)

A Fractured Infinity By Nathan Tavares Cover Image
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(Science Fiction Fantasy)


A thrilling race across the multiverse to save the infinite Earths – and the love of your life – from total destruction for fans of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, The Time Traveler's Wife and Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.

Film-maker Hayes Figueiredo is struggling to finish the documentary of his heart when handsome physicist Yusuf Hassan shows up, claiming Hayes is the key to understanding the Envisioner – a mysterious device that can predict the future.

Hayes is taken to a top-secret research facility where he discovers his alternate self from an alternate universe created the Envisioner and sent it to his reality. Hayes studies footage of the other him, he discovers a self he doesn’t recognize, angry and obsessive, and footage of Yusuf… as his husband.

As Hayes finds himself falling for Yusuf, he studies the parallel universe and imagines the perfect life they will live together. But their lives are inextricably linked to the other reality, and when that couple's story ends in tragedy Hayes realises he must do anything he can to save Yusuf's life. Because there are infinite realities, but only one Yusuf.

With the fate of countless realities and his heart in his hands, Hayes leads Yusuf on the run, tumbling through a kaleidoscope of universes trying to save it all. But even escaping into infinity, Hayes is running out of space - soon he will have to decide how much he’s willing to pay to save the love of his life.

About the Author

Nathan Tavares is a writer from Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in the Portuguese-American community of southeastern Massachusetts and developed a love for fantastical stories at an early age, from superheroes to mythology. He studied English in college and received his MFA in creative writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His editorial work celebrates queer culture and historically excluded communities, with pieces appearing in GQ, Out, and elsewhere.

Praise For…

""A very beautiful, tender portrait of a romance, its unremarkable mundanity made precious against the backdrop of so many iterations...It’s a delightful, spiraling, idiosyncratic book that uses the language and techniques of filmmaking to structure a more interesting reading experience." - The New York Times

"A powerful and touching love story."
The Times

"Populated by some of the best sci-fi has to offer ... The multiverse trope offers and easy and entertaining vehicle for very deep philosophical lessons about what it takes to grow up at any age."
The New Scientist

"A delightfully narrated tale of love at any cost, A FRACTURED INFINITY is as fun as it is heartfelt." - Megan O'Keefe, author of Velocity Weapon and more

"With a narrative voice full of charm and punch, gripping from page one, the story unpeels layers of Hayes’s life while painting a hopeful near-future Earth. The cozy pace ramps to a dazzling finale exploring the resilience of entangled time and the malleability of morality when love is on the line and power free at hand. A wonderful debut perfect for fans of ARRIVAL and THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS.” - Essa Hansen, Nophek Gloss, Orbit 2020

“A cinematic rollercoaster ride … but the real beating heart of the novel is the compelling gay love story that I will remember for a long time: brilliant, flawed, multi-layered and beautifully human.”
Emmi Itäranta, author of The Moonday Letters

“Both poignant and thrilling … it's a multifaceted jewel, with humanity's flaws at its heart.”
Stark Holborn, author of Ten Low and Hel’s Eight

“Razor sharp prose, this complex, intelligent novel is ultimately empowering.” 
Kaaron Warren, author of Slights and more

"A Fractured Infinity is a heartfelt and haunting journey through the multiverse, with a clever, compelling narrative voice and a love story that shatters the boundaries between realities."
Ren Hutchings, author of Under Fortunate Stars
“Unboxing a puzzle-box crush in an alternate universe … an idiosyncratic take on the ever-expanding multiverse genre.”
Nikhil Singh, author of Club Ded

'Tavares hits the gas, sending the plot rocketing through dozens of fascinating possible Earths. The epic love story forms an intense emotional core and Hayes’s conversational narration charms. Anyone looking for queer sci-fi should check this out.'—Publishers Weekly 

"Tavares’s prose is dense, chewy, packed with one idea after another as he deftly builds not just one possible future world but dozens, all without ever losing sight of the most important thread: Hayes’s love for Yusuf."

"This is a compelling, unconventional debut that is too freaking awesome to be a debut; a book that’s easy to read, but hard to recover from."
Every Book a Doorway

"An engaging and enthralling story filled with interesting characters and ideas that was hard to put down."
Set the Tape

"Fast-paced and thrilling."
Tea Leaf Reads

"A multiversal love-story, a genre savvy sci-fi with a strong emotional core."
Writings of a Doomscribe

"Nathan Tavares is interested chiefly in weaving a powerful and touching love story between two very different, flawed, engaging men. He succeeds handsomely."
The Times

"Tavares’s prose is dense, chewy, packed with one idea after another as he deftly builds not just one possible future world but dozens, all without ever losing sight of the most important thread: Hayes’s love for Yusuf."
Product Details
ISBN: 9781803360386
ISBN-10: 1803360380
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Pages: 368
Language: English