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The Fallen Ring 2 a New Nemesis: A Thrilling YA Novella (Paperback)

The Fallen Ring 2 a New Nemesis: A Thrilling YA Novella By Key Dawkins Cover Image
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Simon Jones is a university student by day and a superpowered vigilante by night. As London's guardian, he fights criminals under the cover of darkness, relishing the thrill of his alter ego's power.

However, when he discovers the existence of another Fallen Ring bearer, one with a thirst for world domination, Simon faces his most formidable adversary yet. Amidst the chaos, Simon's heart becomes entwined with Layla, a charming girl from his university.

With the pressure of his past mounting up, Simon's journey to define his identity reaches a pivotal moment. Will he wield the Fallen Ring's power responsibly, or will he succumb to its seductive allure, joining the very nemesis he battles against?

The fate of the future depends on his decision.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781739618629
ISBN-10: 1739618629
Publisher: Key Dawkins
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2024
Pages: 110
Language: English