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What Size Balls Do I Need?: A Road Map For Survival In The Dizzying World of Youth Sports (Paperback)

What Size Balls Do I Need?: A Road Map For Survival In The Dizzying World of Youth Sports Cover Image
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In What Size Balls Do I Need? Coach Steve Morris delivers a perspective injection for parents and coaches trying to navigate the $17 billion youth sports industry. The pressure to choose programs that will position budding athletes for success and glory can be all-consuming. Teasing that "our sons and daughters have a better chance of owning a professional team than playing on one," Coach Steve gives parents permission to relax and focus on the fun within the "ten-year window" of their kids' participation in sports. Using the wisdom gained from navigating thousands of girls and boys and their parents through the gauntlet of youth sports, he has created a book filled with humor and personal stories that tackles crucial topics like:

  • Why "potential" and "expectation" are the two dirtiest words in youth sports
  • How to recognize a toxic coach and the steps to take to protect your child
  • Why we need to rethink our definitions of victory and success
  • The most precarious part of the game - the ride home
  • The dangers of living vicariously through your child (and how not to be that parent)
  • Who gets to the "next level" and how they do it
  • What the post-Covid landscape of youth sports will look like

Coach Steve seeks to tame the national frenzy surrounding youth sports and return sanity, balance and fun to the one arena where everyone gets to be a kid.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735203324
ISBN-10: 1735203327
Publisher: Coast Sports
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 356
Language: English