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Feyi Fay and the Case of the Mysterious Madam Koi Koi (Paperback)

Feyi Fay and the Case of the Mysterious Madam Koi Koi Cover Image
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"An imaginative, humorous book with a strong emotional foundation." - Kirkus Reviews

With the help of a magical app, Feyi Fay travels the world helping kids with any problem they can imagine. Bullying, making friends, monsters... anything

In book one of the series, Feyi is needed in England to help a little boy with a mysterious case. There's a wicked woman wearing red shoes in town. She frightens kids at night and stops them from having fun ever again. She must be stopped. Armed with glitter that makes you invisible, chocolate chip cookies that make you giant-sized and a stick that shrinks you as tiny as an ant, Feyi Fay arrives on the scene and saves the day.

About the Author

By day, Simisayo Brownstone is a Strategy Executive, crunching numbers and plotting graphs. By night, she's a disorganized mom trying to keep up with tantrums and dirty dishes. When she finds time for herself, she spends it daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a world with real magic. A world where eating cotton candy makes you skinny and butterflies can transport you through time. And even though she knows she's no longer 16, she secretly hopes that she'll one day find out she has super powers. Teleportation would be nice. Until that day comes, she writes.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781732231504
ISBN-10: 1732231508
Publisher: Teni and Tayo Creations, LLC
Publication Date: July 2018
Pages: 102
Language: English