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Blood Silver (Paperback)

Blood Silver By J. M. Ney-Grimm Cover Image
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Tricks and cheats lurk at the heart of faie cruelty...

Tahearn-a faie knight-hates the love of torment relished by the lords and ladies of the faie court, and refuses to give rein to it in himself. But when the faie queen targets him with her unique blend of pain and pleasure, his desire to retaliate threatens his restraint.

Fleeing the faie deeps, Tahearn encounters the bright mortal world and falls in love, not only with its sunlit wildness, but with a healer tending the herb garden where he strays. Engaging in the ordinary pleasures of mortality-baking bread, airing bedclothes, compounding remedies-Tahearn hopes to leave the faie and his own faie nature behind forever.

But the faie king declares war on his mortal neighbors when he discovers that his escaped knight yet lives, bringing Tahearn's pastoral idyll to an end. Unless Tahearn eludes the snare set just for him-eschewing both the violence and cold withdrawal in his own heart-he will lose his love, his life, and the bright world he adores.

Blood Silver is a fantasy novella filled with knightly chivalry and the eerie glamor of the faie set against the joys of home and hearth. If you enjoy characters who step off the page, humble heroes, and captivating stories, you'll love J.M. Ney-Grimm's fresh fairy tale.

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"...a nice quick little read. Great characters, interesting story line, good pacing, and well written." -JMD

"...I couldn't put it down. It reminded me of Le Morte d'Arthur and Mists of Avalon even though it has nothing to do with the King Arthur legend. This author just brought back those feelings..." -Tricia Schiro

"...simple and thought-provoking in a beautiful way. and wise. It's peaceful and otherworldly. I felt like a new fairy tale had been written and that gave me a lot of joy." -Ambrose Crotts

"The characters felt real, like they could step out of the pages..." -Stephanie Wachter

"It felt familiar like an old fairy tale, but was also very fresh and new." -Erin K.


The king knew. The king's advisers knew. Each knight who would accompany Tahaern onto the field of truce knew. Odhran and Lorcan would both be knights themselves soon. They deserved respect and needed not a child's sheltering.

"I suspect my brother contemplates some act of perfidy," Tahaern admitted.

"Under the banner of truce?" objected Lorcan, offended despite knowing better.

"Even so," agreed Tahaern.

"Will it be enough?" asked Odhran. "Just suspecting-" he paused and corrected himself after a glance at Tahaern "-or even knowing, without knowing what?"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781724543219
ISBN-10: 1724543210
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2018
Pages: 216
Language: English