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The Book of Sports (Paperback)

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"In preparing this little work, it has been a principal part of my object to serve the cause of physical education by directing the attention of young persons to sports of a healthful and invigorating tendency. " --Robin Carver, Preface, 1834

The Book of Sports (1834), by ROBIN CARVER, also known as the Carver Book, is an American classic. It contains 15 short chapters describing the rules of popular games such as "Hide and Seek," "Cricket," "Prisoner's Base," "Leap-Frog," "Trial of the Thumb," and "Snow-Balling." Moreover, it offers the first description of how to play baseball--"Base or Goal Ball"--in Chapter Three.

In his Preface, Carver credits The Boy's Own Book, an English book which he used as a source for some of his materials (also available from Cosimo Classics).

The Book of Sports is a fascinating memento of times gone by, but also of the foundation of America's pastime, baseball, illustrated with numerous wood-engravings.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646791569
ISBN-10: 1646791568
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Publication Date: April 30th, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English