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Bladesung (Paperback)

Bladesung Cover Image
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To say Toury and Alex's reign has been rocky is an understatement. But the danger isn't over yet. Rebels and necromancers are still out there, joining forces under "the commander." As Alex plans against a war beyond what Fyr has seen in generations, he knows they will strike where it hurts Alex most: his heart. He must make the ultimate decision-sacrifice everything, or let his tenacious lifemate save herself?

Meanwhile, being a queen is not Toury's dream job-she always wanted Alex, not the crown. But as enemies close in, Toury must make her own harrowing choices to control her own destiny, and if she must, all of Fyr's.

In this conclusion to Alex and Toury's love story, they will face horrors beyond their wildest nightmares. Will they be able to heal a fractured kingdom, or will all turn to ash and ruin?

Authors 4 Authors Content Rating

This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains:

  • moderate language
  • frequent intense violence
  • intense implied sex
  • mild alcohol use
  • domestic abuse
  • forced abortion
  • forced marriage
  • attempted suicide

For more information on our rating system, please, visit our Content Guide at:

Product Details
ISBN: 9781644771013
ISBN-10: 1644771012
Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing Cooperative
Publication Date: July 11th, 2021
Pages: 268
Language: English