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Black and White-Wrong and Right: A True Love Story from South Central (Paperback)

Black and White-Wrong and Right: A True Love Story from South Central By Chris Cryer Cover Image
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True love tested by racial, cultural, and systemic attack. A story that makes you fall in love with love.

Save your tears-It's a better world since Candy and Gabe. This is a true story of a 17-year-old, tough-minded, female sprinter and her 27-year-old, soft-hearted, male coach who, though opposite in terms of class, race, and age, run smack into each other's hearts. Smarter, cleverer, and stronger than their early 80's peers in depressed South Central LA, she runs on and he coaches their Jefferson High track team, of course, to glory.

Breaking custom and law, they face repudiation, misunderstanding, and controversy. They confront: the courts, the school board, a violent racist group, peers and family. How they survive and build a happy, lifelong, nationally famous family of activists is a gripping story and a miracle of love.


"This couple's vision amazingly defeated everything our roughest neighborhoods threw at them. It's not only Candy's talent but their inner spark that saved them." -Ferial Masry, LA urban Cleveland High history teacher and ABC News Person of the Week

"Candy, you have balls." -Rita Moreno, in conversation with Candy 1991 about her new Interrace magazine

"Beyond incredible work with relationship rights, Candy still holds five Track and Field records at Union College, almost 40 years after setting them and is still streaming in-person singer-song-writer jazz songs." -Christopher Sheridan, Executive TV Producer of Family Guy and writer for Living Single

"Mills and Grosz want their children to define for themselves who they want to be." -Time Magazine, Fall 1993

"This magazine is saying it's all right to be different. It's a celebration of the human race, of racial diversity." -Interrace magazine, Candy and Gabe's own publication 1989

"This book is more than a good read. In the midst of racism and polarization, the power of love holds out, surviving cruelty, racism, and ethnocentrism. It's Dr. King's dream-the peace of Black and White together." -Ola Washington, Ventura College African American Studies Instructor

"The Grosz's began publishing Interrace magazine with a $500 investment in 1989. Circulation has risen to 25,000." -Atlanta Constitution, November 10, 1993

Product Details
ISBN: 9781643887586
ISBN-10: 1643887580
Publisher: Luminare Press
Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
Pages: 218
Language: English