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Nobody Is in Control (Paperback)

Nobody Is in Control Cover Image
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When Richard sees a man run through his yard, he follows him out of concern. This deep in the woods, he must be lost... must be in trouble.
Bust soon it's Richard in peril, as this stranger drags him into a deep, twisted web of conspiracy going back hundreds of years.

By writer Patrick Kindlon (Survival Fetish, We Can Never Go Home, There's Nothing There), artist Paul Tucker (Tet), and hand-lettered by Wallace Ryan.
Collects issues 1-4.

"Hyperverbal, very inventive, deep dive into conspiracy theory from someone who did all the reading from way the fuck back and probably has some Art Bell saved on tape or mp3 somewhere. Well worth a look. Writer Patrick Kindlon is really hitting his stride."
-Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Injection, Planetary)
Product Details
ISBN: 9781628752410
ISBN-10: 1628752416
Publisher: Black Mask Comics
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: English