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Emily Eternal (Compact Disc)

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Emily Eternal begins with the end of the world.  The sun is going out, and humanity only has six months left...which is bad news for the revolutionary artificial consciousness-turned-therapist Emily, who is just starting to figure humans, and herself, out.  When she comes across an anomaly in her genetic database, her lab is brutally attacked and her servers taken offline. Emily ends up on the run with two new friends, Jason, her crush from the university, and Mayra, a small-town sheriff.  Emily wants answers, and not just for what happened at the lab — she wants to figure out how she can save humankind from obliteration, and why anyone in their right mind would want to stop her. With Emily Eternal, M.G. Wheaton raises interesting questions about the nature of memory, perception, and personhood, all against a backdrop of trying to preserve humanity while still staying true to what makes humanity human.  Emily’s conversational internal monologue keeps the themes and science accessible, making this perfect for adults and teens alike.

— Darcy

Product Details
ISBN: 9781549179433
ISBN-10: 1549179438
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2019
Language: English